Looking for some andro alternatives to

I start studying sailfish on daily usage, and looking for apps equivalent for :

-utilities :
vlc (media player)
libretube client
newpipe client
gps/strava-like tracking app
pdf/epub/cbr reader
cache cleaner
maybe a remote control app? (anydesk, vnc…)
offline osm app

tor browser

tox client
briar client
xmpp/jabber client
sip client

barcode/qrcode reader
calendar (caldav)

synced-note app (eg carnet fdroid)
synced-contacts app

email client (x2)

cloud sync clients (photos…), especially with webdav

rss app

… do you have an idea? what are your favourites?
btw, i saw there is a kind of “popular apps” third-site, with storeman or openrepos? are they some others ones?

I thank you vm!

If your requirements list is that huge, i doubt you will switch to sailfish, but who knows

So, let me give you some suggestions, you may find them useful on deciding :slight_smile:

Vlc : default gallery is good enough, or if you need some advanced functions, ll’s video player
Libretube/newpipe : microtube, when it works
Strava : kuri or laufhelden
Pdf : default document viewer
Offline osm app : pure maps, and it’s much better than osmand
Firefox : default browser is based on firefox, althought on a older version
Tor : tor
Tox : jtox
Xmpp : xmpp is integrated or anyway there are many on various stores
Signal/telegram : whisperfish/fernschreiber
Qr code : integrated in default camera app
Caldav : integrated in system
Email : default app is good enough
Rss : there are multiple on various stores

For anything i didn’t mention, i don’t know if there’s a native app or not, but mostly there isn’t

In that case, if you have paid support, you can use android apps (paid support is only available on selected sony xperias)

If not, there is still waydroid but it’s not that easy to setup

Still anyway, even if i think it’s a long list, welcome aboard, if you decide to join, it will be a trip you won’t regret :slight_smile:

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Openrepos is a third party repository and storeman a client for it. Compared to the jolla store it has no restrictions on what can be published (especially no api restrictions).

Then there is chum. This is more like fdroid. Just building and publishing FOSS projects.

Notably only chum has the newer qt build+software.

Personaly I just use NewPipe. As DAV client I just downloaded a arm64 release from the rclone website and set this up. Although there are nextcloud clients in the repos.

The fact that you are asking about e.g. Firefox or an email client (both are part of SFOS already) shows that you are extremly uninformed. Please get some basic knowledge before asking such extensive questions.


well, it was answered easily enough :wink:

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Had exactly the same thought but didn’t want to sound rude xD (althought probably i sounded it a little bit) xD

I don’t see the problem with asking whether a platform supports stuff you need before you look too much into it.

I don’t think we want to alienate new users coming from Linux either.


You have a point here, but you see, the list was so long it’s impossible to cover anything on a niche system like sailfish and everyone knows it

And (no offense intended) if he need to ask if sf have a browser and a mail client, you could guess probably he’s better staying with his desired phone, rather than buying an xperia (which anyway would be a seriously great choice with android also…)

I think he probably listed them as ‘desireable’ rather than required but I could be wrong.

And given the paucity of apps on other Linux phones, he may well not expect much from SF.

“andro” implies Android apps, no?

The email client works well enough for me. Browser-wise, I go with Android (Opera).

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Technically true, but when he said Firefox maybe he meant a perfectly working up to date version of it, not esr78.
And even if he knows that, the hottest threads on the forum this year are “sites not working” “browser crashing” “one man solo tries to update the browser” etc, so as a new user you already get the idea that you need to search for a browser.

Email client is subjective. I’m ok with it for example but if you rely on modern email client features then maybe it’s not enough.

Also, bear in mind that the Jolla Store is not visible from the web. You have to install Sailfish OS to see what’s inside.

While we continue helping the OP in this thread, please discuss improving the situation with me here:

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And to find Storeman and Chum, one needs further exploration of the system and a little bit of knowledge. So I consider as good idea to be more polite to newbies and welcome them, and I understand his long app list more like a question ‘does an app exist as replacement for…’ or ‘what can I do instead of using…’.

And to add an app to the list of alternatives: for barcode/QR-code, there is also Code Reader as an alternative, thats independent from the main camera app.

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And if I may add, app descriptions on Storeman in several cases are also not very helpful to explain what that app actually does, unless one recognizes already its name from a different context (like the ‘X is a Sailfish OS port of Y’, with Y not particularly popular)


Yes thats true, in the past I did simple trial and error to try out what works and how. With a little bit of engagement i could find ways to make it work. But you are right @simosagi , explanations are not always perfect.

@lm2lm2 There are two of lists to help you (both linked from the Beginner Resource Collection, which may also be helpful):


Could you compare your lists to those and let us know what is still missing? That would make it a lot easier to suggest fitting apps for you - and also prompt us to update the lists.