Improve dual-sim user exeirience

This is just an umbrella topic to gather everything in one place.
Current support of dual sim in SFOS works properly and that’s nothing to say regarding this part.
What we need is improvement for dual sim handling as the current solution is like from even before of the era of the dumbphones with lcd b/w displays.

To sum this up: no, switching default sim card for every time I’m planning to make a call or picking up which sim should I use for the call normally or using BT is ok but for the initial version of the system. Not for the mature system. We need improvement so people would like to stay here and use the phone!

The most important, main improvements are related to:

  • different sound for incoming call and sms
  • store information which sim card use per contact

Here are the topics that discuss the problem and propose solutions which are what can be found on Android.
I think this is critical cause from what I found out, at least two users “lately” gave up just because of this.

So here we go with the list:

For the users: please let’s try to keep this as umbrella topic. If you want to add something, please do this in other topics and provide link here. There are really plenty of topics which are related to dual sim improvements.

@flypig here’s the feature req but I see it’s not the first one and there has been other before, even on old forum! Something should be done. Of course @pvuorela is making a good foundation for the sounds but we need more action regarding this and it looks like at least for adding preferred sim card for a contact that shouldn’t be something that couldn’t be done in say next few months (I’m not asking for exact dates :wink: )

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So we have separate ringtone for the second sim card, thank you @pvuorela!
We still need separate ringtone for second SMS, no idea why this has been missed :frowning: