Naming of Dual SIM cards

I am not providing an answer but I wonder if it is so hard to remember - it is only two of them.
Average person can remember 4-5 things. I do not want to offend you, but you can surely do better.
The best you do is turn this into feature request and hope Jolla or someone else implements it.

It was about the convenience of using the phone, wouldn’t you agree with me? I consider it a utopia to request a function and wait for the release. These questions were rather intended for people who understand SFOS and I really hope for their help.

I still think that if the function is not available and you do not request it, it will never become available.

IMO it is very good idea to have such option and it would not be very difficult to implement, but I am not sure if this part of the code is open.

Regarding the convenience of using the phone - I still do not understand how one can not remember in which slot he put which sim.

I do not agree with your statement regarding utopia. I have very good experience in the cooperation with Jolla and the community. Of course it does not become true tomorrow, but again, if you do not request, it will never happen and I wanted to motivate you to request it.

For 1 simpler question, as far as I understand, ofono receives an answer with the network name from the operator and substitutes it after the SIM. The question is, where does he write it down? Knowing, it will be possible to manually correct it.
PS deloptes I do not want to offend you, please do not answer in topic, if you have something to say, write in PM.

It seems like I found a file with an operator record along the path
/var/lib/ofono/<tab to select sim>/cache
connoisseurs, correct if I’m wrong. Can you still tell me to change it so that the recording is not overwritten?

I do not think it is so simply - someone should code something, so that you can see a different name corresponding to the network name and card

While we wait, I invite you to test this:

NOTE: this will only apply cleanly on multi-SIM devices!

I have so far only tested on SFOS 4.0, so please report back with your findings for any other versions.


nephros I am very glad that you paid attention to my post and thank you very much for the work done!
According to the patch, it is compiled for the 32bit version of Sailfish OS, I am currently using Sony Xperia 10 II 64bit and therefore the path to SimManager.qml is in a different path
for multisim.qml the path has not changed. Made changes to the files from the patch and rebooted.

Fields for entering your own SIM name appeared, but after filling in they are not saved.

Thanks for testing.

It is unfortunate that the lib path is now different for silica components. This means most patches will have to ship a 32bit/64bit version. :frowning:

This is a general problem with all patches now, there’s an issue for patchmanager for dealing with it:

Please make sure you hit Enter on the keyboard after changing the name. Does it save them then?


Please make sure you hit Enter on the keyboard after changing the name. Does it save them then?

Great, now it is saved! Thanks again for the work done!
How difficult will it be to implement point 2? Assigning your SIM to a phone number?

As far as I can see, not possible by the community/patching. Also probably mightily complicated.

You will have to ask Jolla for that.

Which SFOS Version is that? Can you confirm that apart from the lib64 path the patch applies cleanly?


SFOS Xperia 10 II Dual
Initially, I manually made changes to the files, while preserving the originals.
Now rolled back to check the patch with the changes made to the path for SimManager.qml on
Checked the patch works, the scope of the patch in the files is the same.


Hi Nephros,

This URL isn’t working. Could you please advise where I could download your patch? This is exactly what I need to rename my SIM cards and I haven’t been able to find a solution elsewhere. I have an Xperia 10 III Dual but I assume it will work with the path modification suggested by comsorg.

Thanks very much, in advance!

The site hosting the patchmanager Web Catalog website is down at the moment. It will be back in a few days. Then that link will work, also you will be able to download the patch directly from Patchmanager (which is the preferred way of installing patches).

Thank you so much for the information, and the quick reply. In that case, I’ll just wait a few days and try the same URL again. I’m very grateful for you making this patch and look forward to using it.

Thanks again – Hope you have a very nice weekend!

It will work unmodified if using Patchmanager, as it has gained an automatic path conversion feature.

Hi Nephros,

Good morning. Hope all is well with you today. The site is finally back up today, but unfortunately this patch does not install correctly through Patchmanager on my Xperia 10 III. The reason is my Sailfish OS version is which is not a supported version. Nevertheless, I’m almost positive it will work if I apply it manually. I’ll give that a go after work today and let you know the outcome. Thanks again for all your help. I hope that Jolla incorporates this officially at some point as it’s a simple but very useful customization for several use cases.

Thanks again

Confirmed. Manual application was successful on It also installed successfully (with converted paths) through Patchmanager with the ‘allow incompatible patches’ option enabled. Great work, thanks for this!!!

I have updated the compatability specification in the web catalog.

It will not show up for existing installs, but new ones will see it as compatible (you may uninstall and install the patch form the catalog to have it show up as compatible).