How to get microG running on XA2 with SfOs 4.4

Hey ho. Starting with Jolla1 and user from the first time I ever solved all problems with Jolla/Sailfish by myself. I am not an adavanced user and do not coding but a daily driver with long time experience in using SfOs - and I love it.

But now I need really help from you experts, adavanced users and developers because I can’t get running microG. I need running some apps depending Google play services and I am going around for some time with my XA2 AND an iPhone - just for running the Play service Apps…

Now it’s time to come back to only one device - so need to get microG running.

It is correctly installed but I can not activate spoofing:

I can not find out any way to reach this screen and set these general android settings (what maybe is the missing action to grants signature spoofing permission)

Any idea what to do?

Hi, i’m quiet a user like you, on board since jolla 1 but without coding experience and i tried myself to make microg work lately. Not shure if this is helpful:

Go to Jolla Settings App > Android Support > Second Tick Box should be activated, something like “Deactivate Checking of Android Support Package”. This should allow inofficial Stuff to run like Signature Spoofing, at least it worked for me.

At your own risk and good Luck!

Yes, this is right. Signature spoofing must be enabled in the Android compatibility layer on the Jolla side, since it is a feature provided by Android to the (fake) Google Services, not a feature of the Services themselves. Therefore, it must be enabled in the Jolla Settings app, Android App Support section.

the self test on microG give back that the system is supporting spoofing (see first screenshot, first checkbox). That’s the activation on SFOS > Android Settings - so it’s done already.

But it do not grant permission and need any further action… So how can I set this?

Install “Hidden Settings” from Aurora Store. From that app, go to Settings to access the Android settings menu, and then to Privacy → Manage authorizations (or whatever, I have menus in Italian).

The Self-Check in microG settings is not just a self-check. Tap on the text to turn a setting on (or off).


dam’n - so simple. Thanks!

Android Apps depending on Play Services running now like expected with MicroG.

Many thanks again.

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