MicroG and SafetyNet

Just installed android app support and microg on Xperia 10 iii sailfish X

It warns CTS profile does not match

I have no idea what is it about. Can someone explain what is happening. And furthermore is here the right place to discuss how to pass SafetyNet? Thanks

Did you follow this advice:

It’s still roughly the same approach. With a few gotchas, e.g.:

  • At the time I tried, microG only properly installed with the (slightly older) version of F-Droid that you can obtain when installing the Jolla official Android support. Thus the exact order of operations is:

    • Install Jolla’s official Support for Android Apps.
    • At the end of the installation procedure, Jolla’s installer lets you pick an app store between FDroid, Aptoid, and I forgot what else. Pick FDroid.
    • DO NOT update FDroid.
    • install microG (and plugins you might need like Nominatim) with the old version of FDroid that came with Jolla’s installer.
    • Go back in FDroid, check that microG is marked as “installed” (i.e.: FDroid properly recognises that it has installed FDroid).
    • NOW you can update FDroid from within itself.
    • Check again that FDroid still detect microG as being installed by itself.
    • Add microG to the blacklist of Aurora (even if you have checked the option to auto filter out FDroid applications from Aurora).
  • For the signature spoofing:

    instead of the old way in the permission list.

  • There’s a simpler way to access the android settings, too:
    there a patch called “show android settings” for patchmanager.

Originally posted by Dr Yak

I think I did. It seems gcm push notification not working. mircog said app registered and never get notified.

Also If I want to enable auto update and install apps from f-droid and aurora store. Is modify the Squashfs img a must?