Glad to be back on board

well, afeter 3 years of using my sony xperia xa2 with android i finally decided to make the switch and use the license i paid for (exactly 3 years ago when i bought the phone)

lots of things have changed for the worst (call answering, people app and tabs in apps, looking at you), but i’m really glad to finally have an ui that is usable and logically thought, meanwhile everything on android is on the longest distance available (and unreachable from your fingers)

it was really a breath of fresh air, despite all the limitations that sailfish has

glad to be finally back on board :slight_smile:


Welcome back Sailor!

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I can’t say that things have changed to worse but surly something has changed in SailfishOS during the last 3 years. Android app support has improved a lot and if you have MicroG, FakeStore and F-Droid + AuroraStore in place then even an outdated Xperia XA2 can be a daily driver. So far the best SailfishOS experience is with Xperia 10 iii.

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What’s fakestore?and anyway, yeah but i heard the call quality is very bad on the 10iii…

FakeStore that you can download from F-Droid is quite an essential piece of software to allow you a good Android experience in Android-Open-Source based systems like LineageOS or SailfishOS with API level 29 i.e. Android version 10 and above. It basically mocks the existence of Google Play Store to the Play Services Client. If you search for „FakeStore” in this forum, you will find several threads like How to get microG running on XA2 with SfOs 4.4. There you can find information why this is needed in combination with MicroG. After setting up those right, please check also the necessary settings for MicroG and the SFOS settings (activate both in the Android app support sub-settings beforehand), you’ll will be like with any ordinary Googled Android device but your device will then spoof GAPS. You can measure your phone battery drains and compare to Android, so you might use less of your battery power since less ATS (advertisement and tracking services) are attacking you. In general, SFOS is better with this since it allows you to do the Android signature spoofing.

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PS: about the calling quality with Xperia 10 iii, it’s not so bad. I use it every day as my work phone and have to do quite many calls during the day. Sometimes it’s improving the sound quality if using loudspeakers instead of the ear piece or just headphones.

I was thinking of buying Xperia 10 iii but the echo cancelling not working is a no go for me. I want at least to be able to make phone calls without having to lower the volume down so they person on the other end doesn’t here its voice. It’s the only holding me back and I guess many others

Well i need to note that today i’ve done a long call and was really bad, heard lots of metallic sounds, and althought coverage is bad in my area in guessing this is sailfish. Will need to do some other test as only done two calls and either were bad (one for me, the other one for the person i called)

I hope anyway this will be solved cause a phone can’t do bad calls, it’s a phone after all :slight_smile:

I have X10 III on the shelf for 3 months already, but also deciding to wait until 4.5, where hopefully Camera and maybe some other X10 III niggles have been fixed up.

Based on some years of Sailfishing now, It’s usually not worth it to switch to a new device support immediately for daily driver.

My 10 III functions well except the calling.
I have it on speaker when calling. This is of course not an ideal solution.
And yes, also not satisfied about the changed ui of picking up a call. The vague swipe still gives me a hit and miss.
I have two radio apps, Allradio and Transistor (FDroid) and two Telegram apps (Fernschreiber and FOSS). For a reason.
Yet, overall, Sailfish is very nice.

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I use my 10 III, mostly in areas with good coverage in 4G. Telephone works good with loudspeaker and in normal use. I actually do not use a headset anymore. So I cannot say anything about this.

You don’t get echo during calls? It’s a known issue for Xperia 10 iii

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I never had the echo issue in normal calls (X10III, normal = ‘classical’ phone position). BT headset ok too.
No VoLTE available; connection expectedly drops from 4G to 3G for voice calls.
Never used loudspeaker for calls, I can’t tell for that usage.

You don’t. The calling party does.

I also do not have this problem.