Hotspot not working 10 III

Since this bug seems to appear in the x10ii and x10iii exclusively, it may be 64bit-related?
Just my 2 cent…

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Thanks for the analysis. It makes a lot of sense that an IPv4 client can’t access the Internet via IPv6 gateway.

Should the device then do 4-to-6 magic? I vote for no, but providing an IPv6 address instead - with proper IPv4 and/or IPv6 routes given.

Hi, on my Xperia 10 III the hotspot works (with O2) and VoLTE enabled.

I agree with you. 4-to-6 voodoo where also not my favorit. But a hotspot with IPv4 and/or IPv6 support, depending on the mobile internet connection established, would be nice to see and one step ahead of Android.

Meanwhile I was able to fix the issue for myself and here is the summary of my experiences so far:

In my opinion, the fact that internet sharing only works with an ipv4 mobile data connection is not the actual problem.
By the way, Android also only relies on an existing IPv4 mobile data connection for Internet sharing.
But this behavior must be known so that the possible underlying problem can be identified.

In my case, the original problem was, that an IPv4 mobile data connection could not be established, which caused the following side effects I observed:

(The first two problems also occur if you normally can connect to a mobile IPv4 data connection, but your APN protocol is set to IPv6.)

For some, the missing IPv4 mobile connection might be the real reason why certain things related to mobile data are not working as expected. So maybe it’s worth paying attention to.

If there are one or more of the above mentioned problems then I recommend to check first if there is an IPv4 mobile data connection.
If not, then one should look into the APN settings if protocol is set to IPv6.
Is this the case then set it to DUAL.
If it is already set to DUAL, there might be a similar problem I had. Then a look into this bug report may be helpful:(IPv4 mobile data connection not possible)

Today i successfully used the hotspot with the 10 ii and VoLTE enabled. Using a German Vodafone SIM card, I had no problems (I did not check with congstar (Telekom) yet)