Patchmanager patches in Koli 4.0.1

If this is still needed, I managed to build patchmanager3 on OBS (as a learn project, I don’t know how to use CODeRUS’ docker images yet) and there are some rpm repos there.

The branch I built contains two fixes I toyed with, one to make it build on aarch64 and another one to work with busybox.

If you want to test these, enable ssh developer first and check that you can connect to your device in case liptstick doesn’t start. Then, from the same ssh connection

# zypper ar patchmanager-obs
# zypper ref
# zypper up

(Follow the instructions from zypper if you get unsigned, existing installation etc errors)
(The url for arm32 ends in sailfish_latest_armv7hl)


Does it work with sandboxed (or is it sailjailed) programs? At some point I was able to patch the pulley menu in some apps, but not in Calendar, for example.

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I don’t think there is a proposed solution for this except patching the actual files. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but:

PM relies on LD_PRELOAD, stuff being available in the global /tmp/, and possibly more.

It probably could be done (i.e. changing the sailjail config so it allows these), but it would need to be per-app (which poses a chicken-and-egg problem), and actually preloading random libs and loading stuff from /tmp at execution is something a jail is explicitly designed to make hard – in other words what PM does is exactly what firejail was written for to prevent…

Page not found, can you fix it?

@nephros is right.

Try adding to /etc/firejail/whitelist-common.local the following lines.

whitelist /tmp/patchmanager-socket

I only managed to get a qml parse error, maybe you have a working patch to confirm this.


That isn’t enough here.

#### patchmanager for sailjailed apps
whitelist /tmp/patchmanager-socket
whitelist /tmp/patchmanager
whitelist /tmp/patchmanager3

This seems to do the trick.

So, the next step would be to add a patch which does this from pm, so pm fixes itself? :slight_smile:
Getting Inception vibes.


Workaround by long-press exists for that one.

And the reason seems to be that it expects a main.qml to exist in the patch dir, which isn’t the case for most patches.

The code tries to catch the error and show the info instead, but that fails. link

Maybe the fix is moving the Settings call into the long-press context menu as well, and doing away with the tap competely.

EDIT: elros on Telegram has a fix in their tree here.

Thanks, that was the reason for qml error - the content of the files was probably not loaded. Email pulley menu I got! (why is that not in the web catalog anymore?)

Sounds excellent! Unfortunately I have to wait for a couple of weeks before I can try.

ehh, sorry but I replied to miau (Mautz), his link is dead…

Great, thank you. Finally I was able to install some of the most important patches on the X 10-II. I had to make some changes to some of them:

  • Laucher combined
  • No Home Carousel [fork]
  • “Go To Settings”-Shortcut
  • Stock emoji keyboard with colors
  • Page transition animation speed-up
  • Tracker path settings
  • Default allowed orientations patch


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Confirmed working!

Hey, @coderus : is there a chance you could, e.g.: modify the patchmanager RPM’s post-install script so it updates this .local file?
(e.g.: similar to what you did in alien-dalvik-control ?)

can you create a pr orbuild modified pm to openrepos? :slight_smile:

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how did you install the patches (through patchmanager?, is there an aarch64 built?). which modifications did you make?

thx, g

see here: Patchmanager patches in Koli 4.0.1 - #109 by vlagged


thx, I got the patchmanager now, but can you maybe also share the “Launcher combined” patch changes. I very much interested in that one.

Launcher Combined:

thx for the effort, I moved the unified_diff.patch from the original launcher-combined patch and put the one you provided → ‘installation failed’ when applying the patch

Maybe something went wrong while pasting the code.

Here is a link to my file: Launcher_Combined - unified_diff

thx a lot, this works.

In general i hope that the patch system via webcatalog directly from patchmanager will continue to work. Otherwise for non-freaks not really manageable.