[Changelog] Sauna 4.6.0

This post contains the detailed changelog entries of Sailfish OS update compared to

Changelog_from_4.5.0.25_to_4.6.0.11.md (343.1 KB)

Changelog_from_4.5.0.25_to_4.6.0.12.md (345.7 KB)

Changelog_from_4.6.0.11_to_4.6.0.12.md (3.9 KB)

Changelog_from_4.6.0.12_to_4.6.0.13.md (580 Bytes)

The release notes are here:


From the log (many founds):

Allow build with qt6.

Good news for upcoming upgrade to QT6. But first some Sauna time of course.


Was this announced somewhere?

No. Why asking this?

You wrote about an upcoming upgrade to QT6. I thought i missed an anouncement or something.

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No, this is not what @hanswf wrote. He just mentioned that there are many lines in this changelog, which read “Fix builds with Qt6.” and “Fix build on Qt 5.15.”. Just take a look at it yourself.

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