Can't edit old posts

Apparently there is a time limit on how long posts can be edited. Not sure what problem that is intended to solve, but it clashes with keeping a summary and other up-to-date information in the first post.

I was trying to start adding a FAQ to SeaPrint - Network printing for SailfishOS

But no… :frowning:
Any chance this can be changed?


Actually, there are two limits:

  • For new users, the limit is 24 hours
  • For trust level 2 or higher, the limit is 30 days.

Now, since the forum is still so young, there really aren’t any users on trust level 2 yet (see

Reading through the discussions at the discourse meta forum, I understand that the problem these limits are attempting to solve is spam - Someone writing some benign post, and then later adding spam links to it. Personally, I believe the first limit would be enough to solve that, as I doubt many spammers will take the time to achieve trust level 2.

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Fair enough. I can live with having to achieve level 2 for that as long as it applies retroactively.
But i think there should be no upper limit for edits for level 2 for this to work optimally, and i read it as that you agree with this.
These limits are configurable, right?

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Yes, the limits are configurable.

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It has been suggested elsewhere to carry the TJC “achievements/karma” thing onto here. Is that being considered in the TJC migration effort?

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Would you then think of raising the limit for TL1 to e.g. 15 so we will have the chance to ‘administrate’ our own posts as long as we get to TL2?
And for TL2 I agree to @attah that a limit does not make sense at all. So?

– hijack
Same seems to have happened to me. And I would like to continue with that. How to?
Or converting to a wiki post?

I think people should edit their OPs sparingly; not do it because that was the way askbot worked.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think there’s a way of notifying a user that the OP of a post they’re watching has been edited. (Unlike askbot where the question floats to the top.) If I’m right, it would be sensible to add a post, in the case of a non-minor edit, saying what’s been changed and maybe linking back to it.

It should float up to the top of latest as well, or?

And sure, notifying via a new post at the end makes sense (since TMO times, vBulletin).
But I do need/want to edit one place (the OP) to not clutter info along the topic…

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If you want, I can convert your post to a wiki as well

That is not my rationale for asking for this change.
Sparingly is not never.
I want to do it in the style of many other forums, for example xda-developers with their ROM releases, so that new users coming to a discussion can get up-to-date and concise information despite the thread having grown to many thousand posts.

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Absolutely agree to @attah.
A wiki post is another example, a FAQ, a collective post for suggestions, opinions, etc. which should all go to one post (the OP).
Or adding a link to the solution post. As discussion will go on and you cannot find the one post directly. I hate to have to search for a solution all through the thread.

Sorry for the offtopic here:
@vige, yes please do so if there is no other way.
(converting/creating a wiki post is only allowed from TL3 onwards? :eek:, so we will bother you a lot then :slight_smile: )

It sounds like there’s a disconnect between the abilities of trust levels, the edit expiration time, and length of time required to obtain trust level 2 (which gives you the right to create your own wiki post). I’d recommend that either trust level 1 users are able to make wiki posts, or (less desirably) that the number of days that a trust level 1 user can edit a post be extended.

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And it is even worse.

Make their own posts wiki (that is, editable by any TL1+ users)

This sentence is under the TL3 section.

So now that i’m TL2… do i dare start editing, or will i just have added more information that can go out of date if i do so?

I do not know. I am sure you followed my discussion with @DaveRo
I believe there are lots of valid reasons to edit old posts whereas Dave likes more the re-post way (to which I agree partly).
I think you need to make the decision on your own and act reasonable.

But do it fast as early post may soon go out of that 15d grace period.

You misunderstand me. I wasn’t asking for people’s opinions on the matter, i have heard and respect them. However i stand firm in my desire to keep concise and up-to-date information somewhere, only new posts doesn’t cut it.

The problem is that I don’t want to edit if i have to rely on the 30-day grace period for further edits. If i start filling it up with info that will be written in stone after a few weeks, it is completely contrary to what i wanted to achieve (wrt up-to-date information). So if that would be the case, and there are no plans to change it, we need to explore other avenues of keeping concise information up to date. Either on or off platform.

So until we have a conclusion, i guess i should hold off on it.

Got it.
So you should ping @vige (and/or @jollaadmin) for an answer?

I am all in for the drop-the-edit-limit and set it to eternity.


Agreed, not even sure what TL2 is but people should be able to edit their own posts as much as they like, on top of that there seems to be a very robust ‘edit history’ in these forums which I hope to include as an option at some point (webview probably), so it’s easy to catch spammers if that is the worry(?)


I am now able to convert my OPs into wikis. But this TL3 is a volatile level and I may loose it again. And I cannot convert other user’s posts.

But other cannot and that

is what arises out of that…

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