Does FSO fit as short name for this forum?

Hi all,
we had ITT, TMO then TJC.
And now? Will FSO become the acronym for
Which would be historically in sync with the other abbreviations used since decade(s).

Other suggestions, better matching ones, better sounding?
Or will this be the one?

Just asking…

… and collecting:

  • FSO - Forum.Sailfishos.Org - fso
  • SOF - Sailfish OS Forum - sof
  • FOSO - FOrum.Sailfishos.Org - foso
  • SUF - Sailfish User Forum - suf
  • FOSS - Forum Sailfish OS - foss

I am pretty sure time will tell which will be the one, just for the fun of it…


Looks like a Symphony Orchestra.

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After the termination of the license agreement, the car was also branded as the FSO 1300 , FSO 1500 or FSO 125p .

Regional thing but hopefully not, those cars were horrific, forum seems actually kinda nice when compared to aging askbot


FSO means already I’m not sure how alive that is these days though.

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It’s only three letters, so I’m sure it will overlap with other acronyms. I’m fine with it, as those within this community should be able to recognize it.

As a possible alternative I’ll offer SOF, with the understanding that it also has meaning in certain circles.


SOF is better imho…


SOF is better. For SailfishOs Forum.

Or how about FOSO - FOrum.Sailfishos.Org

like SUMO - SUpport.Mozilla.Org


I wanted to suggest SUF: Sailfish User Forums, but that would imply the forum is only for users. It also means dull in my native language, which doesn’t make it a great fit either.

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That sounds a bit like you do not like it reallly yourself? :wink:
Do you want me to list it in first post?

Feel free to if you want, there are probably way worse suggestions available :slight_smile:

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FOSS ~ FOrum SailfishoS

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When I was younger my parents had an FSO. I always thought it was derived from a Lada, so it’s fascinating to discover after all this time that it was actually a Fiat.

To the original point, I like FSO for the forum acronym. Maybe it’s nostalgia.


FSO is the only name that follows the historical lineage. Let’s roll with that.


simply “ForSail” ? :tada:
FJS : Forum Jolla Sail fish :rofl: (hehehehe) :wink:

Anyway, FSO seems most straigth fwd.