Camera improvements : the state of cameras on sailfish

So, been a long time sailfish user and loved it, bought some years ago an xperia xa2 but never made the switch to sailfish after i saw a photo comparison between the sony with android and sony drms and sailfish. Althought i love sailfish, this is one of the things stopping my comeback

Wonder if in these years it has been some improvements :slight_smile:


In XA2 series, there hasn’t been any changes in the camera department.

X10II is currently capable of using all three main cameras, but X10III is not yet. It should be fixed in a future release, though. I’ve been very happy with the X10II camera, however!

All Sailfish OS versions on Xperia phones share the same fundamental: the camera driver/firmware/??? is different from the stock Android one, because SFOS is built on top of AOSP. This means that some image processing algorithms used in the “true” Android simply do not exist in the AOSP package. (This is how I understand it, anyway.)


It would be nice to have these image processing algorithms also in SFOS, since it seems that such algorithms do exist in the OpenSource & Linux world.

That is up to Sony, I’m afraid.

Isn’t it possille to add some postprocessing by SFOS to the data delivered from Sony AOSP to enhance contrast automatically or align the luminance-to-pixel-value ratio?

Yeah, this would be great.
However, ideally, these operation would be done on the RAW image data.
But does SF have access to the RAW data?
Aaah N900… ;–)

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@piggz , do you know?

I don’t think we could exceed quality of software processing that GCam already does. So it is probably worth trying that.
Also it would be awesome if someone could do comparison between Android and SFOS, I know it is hard because it requires 2 devices. Techview Podcast did it last for X10 Plus, and it wasn’t bad for photos, video suffered a bit more SailfishOS Podcast: Android vs SailfishOS - Camera comparison Xperia 10 Plus - YouTube
He is the best guy talking about SFOS on YouTube

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hello everybody, a friend of mine sent me an xa2 comparison long time ago, so here we are

1 this photo was shot at night (but with lot of light) with an xperia xa2 with sailfish

2 this photo was shot with an xperia xz premium which has a similar camera (and anyway my friend says the camera from the xa2 with android was exactly the same)

3 just for testing purposes the third photo has been made with a redmi budget phone, just to show how it outclasses sailfish quality

unfortunately this photo was sent to me via telegram as photo so no much to zoom…

my friend also sent me photos shot at night where they were completely green with jolla’s camera app and a bit better with advanced camera, althought i don’t know if it’s an exception or not…

as you can see sailfish camera is less than mediocre where (unfortunately) sony just does miracles for such a low end phone…

A few days ago I compared Xperia X (F5121) with SFOS and one with Android, got exactly the same, fotos 1 and 2 in post #9. I’m going to replace a broken SFOS phone with an Android because of this (and use case)…

My husband had a yellow sphere on his XA2 with Sailfish. His pictures all had a yellow colouring. When he changed the spere to blue the colouring was gone.
I use Advanced Camera on my 10 III. Pictures are sharp, but pictures made inside are too dark.Low light photographing is a problem for years.


I’m wondering how much of this is device dependant. I did photos in caves (by definition, low light) and the Volla/GS290 did a pretty decent job. An example The big Thank You & Coffee thread - #31 by poetaster

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Another reason for Jolla to back the GS5 in future.


Can you clarify? I have XA2, XA2plus and, as written above X, all unusable in low-light condition (with SFOS, not with Android)… So, all the “same” hardware and driver?

Good picture indeed!

Sorry for bothering again, but I am curious to know if you have Sailfish on your GS290 or is it on Android?
Do some here have experience with the o.s. app ‘open camera’?

This is a picture taken with GS290 and Advanced Camera under daylight contitions.

This is a cut out of an original image, that has a much bigger view angle, but resolution / sharpness, color, contrast is not changed by me. Cutting was done with GIMP / Linux.
Distance abt. 150-200m, SFOS

Greetings from La Palma / Canary Islands!

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Looks good! Enjoy your holiday!

I only run SFOS, on a Volla and two GS290s. Also on the FP2 and a Jolla phone, although those are dormant at the moment.

Your photos look legit. My XA2 also sucks in low light and no amount of Photoshop is gonna fix those photos – so I doubt Android filters can do it either. The flash is also terrible and obliterates the shot.

So how does Android get decent low light photos on the same hardware? Is it getting better raw(?) data from the blobs?

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