Best community supported devices

Of the three Sailfish devices I have been using all have been the officially supported Jolla ones. With the Xperia 10 III the performance is also pretty good which has been a problem with earlier devices I think.

Now I am looking for the next (non-Jolla supported) device to replace the Xperia, but have no idea which one. So my question is; which devices are the best supported and high performance? I want a fast one with at least 6 GB of RAM and a large screen at about 6.5" or so.

Thank you!

There is no alien dalvik on community devices.

I am aware of that, but I hope Waydroid will be sufficient.

Then you should also mention good waydroid support, I have the impression this also varies between devices.


In my eyes, the Gigaset GS5 will be a nice candidate for it. Volla already had a port done, and you have a thread devoted to them already here at the forum.

But that device has only 4 GB of RAM, right? The Xperia 10 II with 4 GB was too little unfortunately so therfore I need at least 6 GB. Otherwise that device would be a great candidate. :slight_smile:

In practice, with the 4GB / 128GB model, the port is relatively stable, but has a couple of issues. Reboot will lose the SIMs which requires a ‘set pin’ action and powerdown to recover. The battery drain caused by some erratic (mce? fingerprint scanner, not sure yet) activity is also high. Otherwise, it’s a great phone for the price. I bought a new one for 189 Euros on ebay, although they’re usually around 280. So it can be a steal. When the power drain issues are solved.

@piggz also maintains the fx tec pro port. That might be a better bet? I’m going to get one


The Swiss Rephone has 6 RAM.
It is build on the same device as Volla 22: the GS5.

Please Jolla, make this official. Not every lover of Sailfish has the skills to port. I haven’t, my husband hasn’t and I only know one person who could do it, but he has too much work to do.


The Pro 1x is actually a device I would really like to have since I do some coding on my device now and then currently using an external bluetooth keyboard. But the release date seems to be postponed all the time so I have almost giving up on it. :confused:


Never heard about it but will have a look. Thanks!

volla phone 420Euro …gigaset gs5 230Euro :see_no_evil:

6.5", 6GB? Why not Mi Note 10? And I didn’t mention the sensor size yet.
Not one of the best ports (my first), it currently hasn’t support for the virtual proximity sensor and it doesn’t have many clients, but I just publicly released on XDA and there is at least one more user \o/
Also, it has waydroid support (with spotty gps and camera, but hey, you can do your banking:)

I know that Xiaomi is not well, but I hope replacing the system makes it better (it is a qcom hardware after all). I’d wish for more recent devices too, but am limited into looking for Android 11 ones for now (zenfone 8, xiaomi 12x) because of the lack of android 12 support of hadk.


Where are the times when sailfish os was a lightweight os only requiring less than 2GB of ram

The OS as such does just fine with 2GB… Android apps and the modern web does not.


When i think about it, it’s really the web browser and microtube that are crashing, apart from puremaps

I see quiescent memory use of about 1.3, 1.4 GB (Rephone GS5). The Jolla browser generally bumps up to 2+. The angelfish browser up to 3+ GB. I’m not sure how to read it, but it native browser crashes constantly although memory usage itself rarely goes above 2.5 GB. Similarly, angelfish sits around just over 3GB. Needless to say, there may be many reasons for this, the opt stack of QT being just one.

So, in a sense, to date I have yet to see the advantage of the Rephone over the GS5 (same hardware but ram 6 GB vs. 4GB) … but I don’t run any android stuff and rarely have more than 3 or 4 open apps.


If I had the time I would love to port my LG V30, I’m sure it would be really smooth with this system. Just not sure if the audio would be as good, the quad DAC functioning well has to be considered a must have… But in a future I think I would love to have a sony with it, are the most recent one the best working ones or…?

I’m new here, know the OS for long though, tested it on a Motorola G 2014 (titan) and on a really old top (at the time) Sony Xperia Arc 2011 (anzu), the sony one I was really surprised with the speed of it on such an old phone.

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Ou, man! :slight_smile: I have Arc S too. And it still alive. I want to install Sfos 2.0 on it, but can’t find install image of it. May be you have something and can share with me?