The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Right now i installed Patchmanager and tried to install. Patchmanager said it’s incompatible to my SFOS version (…72) on trying to install ‘No Center Clock’, and the description says it’s only compatible up to …58.

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You can turn off the version check in patchmanager settings and then try to install every patch


The patch ‘No Center Clock (notch)’ works fine on the Volla & SFOS if version check is disabled in Patchmanager! Now time is no more hidden behind the notch but visible in the upper right corner, and I’m happy!

Thank you so much @smatkovi , @olf , @pawel.spoon , @poetaster and @b100dian !!!


I have a question. Once my husband bought a GS290 with /e/ installed on it.He has had problems with echo cancellation (and mobile internet didn’t work). My Sony 10 III with Sailfish also has echoing during a call. What about the Vollaphone 22/GS5 and Sailfish? Do you have the same problems?

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Works multiboot on a GS5 with SFOS and UbuntuTouch?

I believe so according to this link from @piggz Best community supported devices - #8 by piggz

multiboot dont work on gs5!
you can flash with ub port installer ubuntu touch (work perfect)
volla os dont detect simcard!!! only wifi is ok!

Volla Phone 22 multiboot function works. I use Sailfish from the memory card and VollaOS from the internal memory

I had a volla and two gs290, both also with e os at first on it
had no echoing issues. Never

mobile network also works.
over nightbit gets lost and i need to toggle airplane mode but that s it


It would be nice if the programmers solve the SIM problems (no imei and simcard) with Volla OS on gigaset GS5…

Me too, works fine. (20 chars)

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Now, multiboot is working and both SIM are working well in Volla.
I work with SFOS, but SD-Card is not able to crypt.
Ubuntu is not for dayly working for me. Volla is a nice have to and works very good.
I wait for Xperia 10 iV with SFOS, but my XA2 plus is now dead, so i use this time GS5.

Thank you for your answer. I conclude that the trouble with echo must be due to the specific GS290 we have.
With the 10 III it is a well known problem.

Hello Mr. Piggz can i try this Sailfish build for Rephone ( k69v1_64_k419) or only Gigaset GS5 (k69v1_64)???

I dont know. You are free to experiment, flashing the boot and super images, but you must be confident in your ability to recover. I have never tested this device.

hi piggz! please give me the sailfish build so I can weld it to my Volla22. thanks in advance! regards!

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I installed SFOS on the GS5 yesterday. First of all, thanks for the port @piggz.

After some playing around, I noticed that the notifications always come in very high volume, no matter what you have set in the system.

The WIFI is detected with different frequency bands, so not just one WIFI, but 2 with the same name. In addition, the system forgets the WIFI every time it is restarted.

The regular notch hacks do not work via the patch manager. It would be nice to integrate them into the system right away.

It is also noticeable that the system sometimes hangs, i.e. has a delay in reacting.

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Flashed back my Gigaset GS5 from SFOS to Android 13 GSI Image without Google:-)

Hello Mr. Piggz any update to sailfish 4.5…
for gigaset gs5?