Audio output detection stopped working

Developer of audio output here: I had the same problem, which is why I wrote the application in the first place. It just changes temporarily the sink to which the system outputs audio to. If it is misbehaving, a reboot (or restart of the pulseaudio service) at most should solve it. The app is not modifying any configuration files, it’s talking to the pulseaudio daemon the same way the volume indicators on most Linux desktop are doing it.

Anyway, as a response to @yajo10, in my case with the Xperia X the underlying cause was that there was too much dust inside the 3.5mm jack, causing the part that detects the presence of a plug to malfunction. I ended up removing the dust with a wooden toothpick, although I’m not sure if that could damage it. After that, it has worked just fine for me, so I would suggest you to try cleaning the 3.5mm jack as well

I’ve made a note on the Github issue tracker and depending on if time allows it, I’ll try to investigate.


I have the same problem. After reboot it works for a while, but at some point of time it gives up. In average I have to reboot once a week. I am also using Audio Output Chooser app. I think the problem is in the PA, but no time to investigate.

What player are you using BTW? I heard it it should not be a problem with the default music player.

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I have a similar issue on an XA2+ (SF3.3). I suspect it’s not mixing headphones with speaker but amplifier it uses. Fresh after reboot music sounds loud and clear but after any voice call sound goes down (not volume slider - actual volume I hear) and gets tinnier. I’m too blaming the phone app.
This switcheroo annoyance amplified by the safe volume limiter which would be reasonable if the volume stayed loud but now I’ve forced to crank it up to “the danger zone” to be able to hear audiobooks.

Thank you very much for your effort! That’s really nice!
Your app is quite great!
I’ve tried to remove the dust or what ever is in there, but I had no success. So I bought a new audio jack and will try to repair this by myself…
Maybe it’ll help. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think it is a Software lack, cause I can never get it working again. It stopped working after vacation at the beach ;), so I guess it is a hardware fault…
I’ve tried the most players, but mainly I’m using Muuzik! from the Jolla Store. It is directory based, a must have for me!

Well. I don’t have this kind of issue. For me the sound is coming out from the main speaker, even if I’m plugging in the headphones. So it’s more an issue of not detecting the external headphones in the jack… If I’m using a bluetooth music box everything is working fine…

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I’ve ran into this lately as well. Is there any way to tell whether it’s a PA issue or if Linux isn’t receiving/emitting the event for the headphone jack being plugged in? I’ve tried cleaning out the port with no success as well as adding the pa plugin to switch when the jack is detected. Audio comes through fine if I force it to route via headphones though.

I don’t know it for sure. And sadly I did not get an air heater (just have one for removing colors from walls, but I guess, it’s a bit too hot for my phone :wink:) . So I can’t reported a result for changing the jack yet.

But I have noticed some behaviors that mad me think it’s an hardware issue.
If I set the routing manual to headphones and get a call the sound is applied to the main speaker.
And connecting to Bluetooth speaker the routing is working well too.
So maybe it’s hardware fault… I don’t know it for sure.

a simple hair dryer will do.

I do actually have a heat gun, but it seems like the Xperia X hardware is complete garbage and I don’t want to have to open up the phone for the 3rd time in less than 3 years (Camera went in 2018, then the USB port in 2019, now this.)

Having returned from a camping holiday, I had the same problem with the Xperia XA2 and OS4.1. The sound always came out of the speakers, even with headphone jack connected. I tried spraying contact cleaning spray, but no improvement.
So I used the toothpick cleaning idea (actually using the straw from the can of spray) and after some poking and tapping the phone upside down, a small piece of leaf fell out! Bingo, it’s working again.
Thanks for all your ideas.

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whaoou, i was just surprised how much dust i found into the jack of my XA2. Now it works like a charm. Thank you.

Thanks everyone for all of the updates on this. From what I can tell, there’s nothing to do here on the software side, so I’ve tagged it as “fixed”.

Thanks @flypig for reading the report. I’m fine with closing it!

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Not quite as i am also experiencing it in my xperia 10 iii

I’ve just checked and connecting or disconnecting headset do my XA2 Ultra DS results in no reaction. I have to manually switch audio output using Audio Output application.

Same here. Initially audio routing was working (e.g.: I did make calls with the origial wired headset, and with a bluetooth headset), but since recently it stopped.

  • the plugging in is detected by the hardware and the smartphone goes out of sleep upon inserting the cable
  • the audio output works (E.g.: if I switch it in pulseaudio, such as with Audio Output Chooser)
  • (and cleaning the socket doesn’t free any dirt.)

But somehow the information doesn’t travel between the two.
Whichever service is in charge of switching output upon cable plugging isn’t working. (And it’s not pulseaudio. Restarting that one doesn’t solve the issue).

(I’ve had a similar problem with the “developer mode” not starting upon connecting the cable. Restarting the usb-moded.service fixes the problem. I am wondering which is the similar service in charge of reacting of plugged in cables that I could try restarting).

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I think, it would be sensible if you create a new report for that.

I just created another bug report with a slightly different scenario on another phone. I’m referencing just for users that may stumble across this bug report.

A similar issue was reported in Random audio drops on wired headphones - plays from top speaker instead