Android Support missing after reinstall

I had to reinstall my phone. Installation went fine, but I don’t seem to be able to activate Android support. I simply can’t find that anywhere.

I have my Jolla account set up on my phone and that seems to work/connect fine.

Any advice how I can activate Android support?

Sounds really related to this both topic:

With my current knowledge, the easiest way is to enable developer mode and refresh repositories with pkcon or zypper.

As root:

pkcon refresh && pkcon install zypper
zypper lr # Please provide the result of this command. First, try to install Android App Support with the Jolla Store
zypper install <android app support packages>

When I start to install zypper, command line says “waiting for authorization” and nothing more happens.

[Btw: I was able to install other apps from the store, but Android Support does not show in the store.]

Do it as root (devel-su pkcon install), or check your device for an authorization prompt.

Thanks. This is the output of zypper lr:
Die Repository-Prioritäten sind ohne Effekt. Alle aktivierten Repositorys teilen sich die gleiche Priorität.

#  | Alias             | Name              | Aktiviert | GPG-Überprüfung | Aktualisierung
 1 | adaptation-common | adaptation-common | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 2 | adaptation0       | adaptation0       | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 3 | aliendalvik       | aliendalvik       | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 4 | apps              | apps              | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 5 | customer-jolla    | customer-jolla    | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 6 | hotfixes          | hotfixes          | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 7 | jolla             | jolla             | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 8 | sailfish-eas      | sailfish-eas      | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
 9 | store             | store             | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein
10 | xt9               | xt9               | Ja        | (  ) Nein       | Nein

When you restored from a backup, you have to enter the password for your jolla account again. Are you able to open the jolla store?

I did not restore from a backup, but set the phone up from scratch. I set up the Jolla account, I can open the Jolla store, and I can install several apps (file browser, code reader, etc), but when trying to install F-Droid or Aptoide, it fails with an error.

You need to intall AppSupport explicitly before any Android apps. I seem to recall that trying to install Android apps first would even interfer with that. Though i thought that was fixed.

But how do I install the App Support??? See above, that does not seem to work on my phone.

You install it from the Store.
A couple of people seems to be having the issue of it not showing up, as per the linked threads.
If that’s your issue… have you checked/asked there?
Creating new threads is not the way to go.

Your last post made it sound like you went straight to installing Android apps… and “activating” doesn’t sound like you’re entirely up on the fact that it is something you install from Store.

See output of “zypper lr” above. After that, Android Support still does not show up in the store. I have no idea which packages are the Android support, could you please clarify on "zypper install "?

It does not show in the store. I had a look at the other threads, but they only seem partially related.

I searched zypper for any Android packages, but could not find any package that seems to be related to Android App Support.

Did you downgrade? Can you refresh your package cache, either with zypper or pkcon?

No, I did a fresh install on a brand new phone.

Yes, I could refresh the package cache, but same problem, Android support simply does not show. I opened a ticket with support a week ago, no answer.

New phone is another imei, which is tied to the license. You should ask jolla for swapping the license…

As said, I contacted Jolla support a week ago, no reply. According to my Jolla account, the device registered fine - it’s the same model, new IMEI appears in the account and shows as activated.

I have been a Jolla/Sailfish user since 2015, but this is starting to be too frustrating. I really like Saiflish, but lately, it’s caused too much trouble. I had several unresovled issues on my 2nd phone, and now this. Plus no reply from support for a week is simply not acceptable nowadays.

Today, I installed LineageOS on this phone. Maybe it’s time to walk away from a sinking ship.

Hm, the jollyboys have a lot of work nowadays renaming all of their old appearences… I also left the ship, when my provider switched 3g off, i would return when 5g is working! But do not blame jollish people, broadcom and intel and may be some others fucked the market and environment really bad by patents

Renaming old appearances??

Every single source code file has to be changed, and there are many different sources for code. 20 sailors on a ship, so do not except miracles. I think sailfish is too expensive, server costs are more than income through licences (proof me if i am wrong!).

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