[][Xperia XA2] Complete outage of multiple apps and functions

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia XA2
UI LANGUAGE: German / Deutsch


09.02.23: When activating camera, app crashed, later smartphone turned out when starting camera app. Next was the clock app (when timer ends, app just crashes, no sound or alarm or message). SMS could not be received anymore. Phone calls not working (call starts with dial tone, but no connection - incoming and also outcoming). No sound via loudspeaker.

After restoring to factory settings and, because SIM-Card was not found, installing Sailfish OS again, everything worked fine except SMS.
Now (4 days later) all the problems occur again.

What is the problem? I have no idea.


Before new installation:

  • Storeman

After new installation: None (only apps from Jolla Store, most special is Fernschreiber)


All installed apps. Flashed just 4 days ago.

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That sounds like a faulty SIM card, or bad SIM card connection. Try to clean the SIM card, or change it to a new one. Or you could try to boot the device without SIM card to see if it works better.

PS. I took the liberty to fix SFOS version on the title :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!
After first reboot without SIM, your theory worked, everything was fine again. About 4 hours later, camera and speaker broke down, later complete shutdown of the phone.

Second reboot: Same problems
Third reboot: Everything is fine again for 12 hours until now. (still no SIM inside)

Does it make sense to wait a few days what will happen?

That starts to sound like a corrupted install, or faulty hardware…

You could also check journald from time to time to see if something pops up. Or enable persistent logging to make it easier.

  1. backup!
  2. try running sfos_upgrade (it’s in openrepos) to make sure the upgrade is complete, and test
  3. consider reflashing SFOS and test
  4. consider reflashing to Android and test

Thank you for your help, I will try this.
Forgot about my second SD-card - I will find out if this could be the problem, too.
At the moment, the phone turns off every few hours. Mentioned apps are disabled.
I really like my sailfish, I use this system and phone since 2019 and everything worked out perfect until this problem occured!

Update: Neither removing SD-card nor sfos_upgrade helped. When I have more time, I will check journald.

It looks like I just unite many problems that occur to other users, too:

And this is new:

After every reboot, you cannot be sure what will work this time and how long. Sometimes everything is fine, 10 minutes later the fails begin.
btw: SIM-card is working fine in another phone.

Just to close this bug report: The Sony XA2 itself was damaged.
I used this phone some more weeks and then flashed it with Lineage OS.
After some days, similar problems occured (camera not working, no sound, endless boot-loop) and new appeared (display stayed black for 5 seconds after activation). Without SIM or SD-card.

But some of the bugs (e.g. no SMS - solved) are clearly a sailfish-problem I had on my Xperia 10II with SFOS, too.