UI inconsistences in email client

UI updates in the email client (and calls as I am told) are not consistent with the SFOS swipe style, instead they introduce android-like buttons at the bottom of screen for reply/delete/forward email operations.


It is mentioned in release notes:

  • Email actions (reply, reply to all, delete, and forward) are visible in the toolbar of the Email viewer

So maybe we will need to create another patch :smiley:


Oh I haven’t realise that, I will close this issue then

Why close it? Because of the release notes? Its still inconsistent. Jolla isnt following their own design rules in my opinion. Why is new mail/update/search in top menu and next screen its at the bottom as toolbar? Whats the reason?

Its getting a mess with every update. Like theres no UI/UX Designer anymore.


I’ve reopened it, it should be a proper issue, not a comment


Yeah, sadly it looks like Android UX is creeping in… :frowning: Because that’s what people are “used to”…


do not agree. does the existance of pulley menu forbit buttons ? imho not.
imagine pulley with 4-5 items, it is a mess.

sometimes buttons are quicker. they are at the bottom ! good

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And it’s even worse with the new phone UI to answer calls…
So sad to loose the system wide UI consistency.


now there is no pulley menu at all, previously the pulley menu had Delete/Forward/Reply to all/Reply


I agree with the UI inconsistencies. I loved the former call answer and email UI because it was fluid. The new on is not at all.

Sailfish 1.X had best UI of the all versions (loved the pulley menu, phone call keyboard opening from pulley menu, screen lock opening). Now it reminds of the Android UI. Jolla should follow their own UI design philosophy.


Nothing against buttons. But dont do it differently inside an app. And at least you should follow the ambience style. Right now it doesnt. Its always light. Who did the tests? Same with gallery and different apperance of pictures/folders between accounts. Nextcloud is a total mess. But thats another topic.


Pulley menus are nice, but to me they are not the crowning feature of a swipe-based GUI. And this particular instance of it always was a bit laggy and in a order i never seemed to learn. So while buttons are often a pretty terrible idea, honestly i’m split on this one.

What bugs me the most is that the new UI elements doesn’t respect the Ambience, like not even trying to.


Yes. Running 1.1.7 on my J1. It has its flaws but its beautiful. Of course its too old for a daily driver beside messaging/calls/mail/calendar. And GPS is working faaaaaaast :slight_smile:


yes v1 was really beautiful and cosistent and then came all the vertical things for login etc. but well it’s history.


completely agree on that:

  • no ambience on buttons in mail is sad.
  • the new pick up is not exactly nice, i mean the arrows ? and the green ui after that ?
    it looks cheap, don’t understand why development effort is spent on such things …
  • but when i do operate android or ios on my wifes stuff i allways think: what really makes sailfish outstanding is edge swipe, and swipe to accept / cancel.

I agree, that the changes in email client are really against the design style.

But in my opinion the basic idea behind the new concept of answering calls is much more better than the old one. It’s not that much intuitive if you are sitting somewhere and your phone begins to ring very loud in silent environment for example and you look at this page with no button.
I mean, swiping is quite cool for the most things. But in this situation I don’t see the call to action for the user.
At least for persons, which user their device rarely it’s a improvement, I think.

On the other hand the new design looks a bit cheap and a little bit ugly in my humble opinion.
The phone icon looks a bit strange and the green ui area is very funny…
But nevertheless, It’s a great update :slight_smile:


The old one was there cca 7 years and suddenly it needed to change? They still keep changing UI in apps which no one criticizes but f.e. where is the new gesture for quick switch between two open apps which was shown in some demo of introduction SFOS 3 two years ago?


One thing I really like about Sailfish, the possibility of changing stuff you don’t like.

For those with the inclination to investigate and play, the buttons at the bottom of the email viewer page resides here; devel-su nano /usr/share/jolla-email/pages/MessageViewFooter.qml

Starting with Line 31;

    //palette.colorScheme: Theme.DarkOnLight     <---- comment out this line

    Rectangle {
        width: footer.width
        height: footer.height

        //color: "#f3f0f0" <----- comment out this line
        color: Theme.highlightDimmerColor     <-----add this line.

Save your changes, close and reopen the email client/email, now change ambience to see ‘button bar’ change colour accordingly.


Did they just literally hardcode an colour without using a colour from their Theme pallette or checking Theme.colorScheme at all? This is heresy!


I also second the request to a consistent UI. I really like the swipe from top menus a lot better more buttons. And consitency is really important for UX.

Regarding Background of Mail-App in general: there is a really nice patch (no update yet for AFAIK) on openrepos to make the mail application and the content of the mail appear a lot more “Sailfish”-“Unlike”: https://openrepos.net/content/ferlanero/patch-silica-jolla-mail