Youtube and Gmail

How to install youtube client and gmail client after installing MicroG they still want google service ? How to fix it and one more question i need working navigation applications because i try with Here maps but GPS doesn’t find me.

Forget about apps needing a google account.
Gmail works fine in the built-in email client, youtube works fine in the browser. There are also native youtube apps, but they seem more focused on no account and ad-blocking.


Okey share me alternative of youtube app please.

And what is the point off that to install android apps and to don’t work normally… I understand the idea to be deGoogled but Sailfish OS is advert with that to have Android APPS …
I thought that the applications are installed in a virtual machine and work normally, and they constantly write that they want Google Service and they don’t work well, and for a user like me who doesn’t have any programming skills, it’s very difficult to find a solution, not by chance, so I’m writing here in the forum, and I feel that you’re attacking me for asking.

I can give you advice on the two I enjoyed the most:



Carefully read the instructions in each page before installing.

For Ytplayer you need to create a Youtube API, so atm Microtube seems more simple to run.


Thanks, but this is so difficult for me I’m no a programmer boy like most of users here :smiley: :frowning:

Have you considered reading up on what google play services is? It will help with understanding.
Android support will be more or less up to the level of custom ROMs without the proprietary google stuff (minus some connectivity management APIs).
You do realize the apps make the choice to rely on these services or not? And distribution of google play services wouldn’t be legal (and google is tightening up control a bit too), so this is what you get.

All of your questions have been answered many, many, many times before. So maybe the slightly crude tone hits home some extra because you know you didn’t search enough before posting.

When looking at openrepos, do yourself a favor and look up Storeman (the app for openrepos).


the best way to install any app form open repos (like a YT client) is to install Storeman and then install the app from there. To install Storeman you should follow instructions here (thanks @olf).
If for any reason you do not want to install Storeman (not recommended) you can still install an app with the following method (in this example Microtube), however you will not receive any update this way.

oh, I am no dev either, actually at the other side of the spectrum. So if you what to make your life easier, follow attah suggestion and install Storeman. If you just want to install a player I can tell you what I did on my XA2 to install Microtube. Make sure you also have an arm device.

  1. On the phone go to Settings → ? Untrusted software and activate Allow untrusted software.

  2. Go here:
    Node.js | — Community Repository System
    and download nodejs-12.17.0-1.armv7hl.rpm

  3. Go to the download folder of your File Browser and click on the file you just downloaded to install it. If you haven’t installed a file browser just go to Settings → Storage → User Data → Downloads and click on the file…

  4. Go here Microtube | — Community Repository System and download the most recent version, as of today: microtube-2.1.5-1.armv7hl.rpm

  5. Repeat step 3. You might need a reboot before using the app. You’re done.

If you are using a more recent, aarch64 device, just do the same things but you should install
this version of nodejs:

Then also pick the aarch64 version of Microtube in step 4.

Maybe you’re still in time to play that Christmas song playlist :slight_smile:

  1. LLs Video Player | — Community Repository System is an excellent media player, also for Youtube. It is more generic that the other ones.

  2. Please do not advise people to download RPMs and install them manually!
    Storeman is the way to go, because with it these apps will also be updated.

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Attah suggested to use open repos, I reiterated that, and it is good you’re pointing out specifically that installing by downloading the rpm the apps won’t update, since I didn’t. However, after all the warnings, he has one way of doing it as he asked for clear instructions. Back in the day, I installed storeman the same way, but now as I understood things have changed: there’s an installer and I haven’t digged into that, so it would be nice to help him to install storeman as well - if anyone had the steps ready at hand. Actually, that would also be useful for myself.
@panfila I do agree my solution is not optimal. It would be better to install your youtube client through Storeman, so if you get clear instructions on how to do that, you might want to mark that answer as the solution.

I am pretty sure @attah had in mind “using per Storeman”.

BTW, searching the web, specifically this forum, and reading thoroughly is a great cultural technique, which also bears some social implications.
So does asking specific and concise questions, after one has evaluated all available information.
As an exercise you might start at Storeman Installer | — Community Repository System

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Concerning Navigation: Later Versions of Here Wego do work fine. Native offline navigation with Pure Maps is also good but missing life traffic analysis while therefore more effectively respecting your privacy.

all that was stated here before, just like here:

panfila, there is an own section called getting started with multiple threads on stores, apps etc.

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What is that Storeman is it some APP store or website with many APK files ?

second link on the result page:

mentioned at least 3 times in aswers in your threads.

sorry for beeing unkind, but if you do not read our answers, why should we waste our time ?
as olf stated: storeman is the app to install stuff from


Of course, Storeman, that’s what I had in mind too.
Is the exercise for me? :slight_smile:

With time the forum is becoming huge and search results can be many and confusing to a newcomer. So once a thread is open I believe it can be nice to give one more time the solution in it. The forum will have more solutions and less cross references to solutions. Meaning if we just stay on topic we can improve it. As I think we did with your help as now anyone needing it will find info about 3 yt clients and 2 ways to install them, via Storeman or without - in case he doesn’t want another Store for whatever reason.
Have nice holidays.

Exactly, as @pawel.spoon said Storeman is the store app that helps you install and update all the native apps present on All the apps on openrepos are not in APK file format though, which is the one for Android apps, but in RPM, which is the file format Sailfish OS natively uses.

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I installed Microtube with the complementary Kabouikt app. But each time I tap on Microtube The wheel keeps turning for a while and. then the app closes.
When reading the Forum viewer app om my XA2 + in 4.2 I try to open this thread in external browser. The apps to choose from: Webcat ( removed some time ago) and Microtube. No Sailfish browser app appears. So I am typing this on my ipad.
I can use Microtube however, if I visit the app in Storeman and ask for ‘open’. Rather incovenient.

I see, I also have the same phone on 4.2. When I tap on microtube I have to wait a bit before it opens, up to 20 seconds, but then it works fine. Have you tried rebooting? If you still have problems, @Mister_Magister generally replies very quickly if you leave him a comment on openrepos. As for the ‘open with’ dialog, I totally understand, as I was hit by this bug when I updated to 4.2. They said in 4.3 it is working better, but eventually I read about bugs in that update and I wisely decided to skip it, so cannot give you any confirmation. I stayed in 4.2 and found a solution which works for me and I shared here on the forum, but I don’t feel like recommending it as I am not so knowledgeable.

go to
and run
npm install

if anyone has issues with microtube^

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