Xperia Tama port: AOSP10/aarch64 release

I think I saw something about this somewhere, but can’t remember…

In recovery, when choosing ‘shell’ option, usually there’s a prompt to enter password. But on current Tama, instead there’s a message that says, “…(something), so skipping password check”. As a result, nothing in ‘home’ is mounted or accessible. How to get around this?

I know @rinigus wouldn’t approve… But, if anyone is wondering, I went ahead and manually updated to …64. Seems like everything is fine, but no changes. I read somewhere that it is an update for Xii only…

Linkedin shouldn’t crash the browser, not sure what else is changed

Check improvements sections, tapping missed call should open phone app and few other tweaks like reset fingerprint in utilities

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Oh yeah - nice… Thanks

I haven’t tested those recovery options, I guess they expect to have LVM with fixed names. You could get into the shell and then unencrypt data with the relevant commands. Don’t have time to look it up now, sorry

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@rinigus - do you think that there’s a chance we could get VOLte on XZ2c, if it was available/enabled from service provider? Is there something that has to be done on rom/fw side?


To my knowledge, Jolla managed to make some bits in the implementation as closed source. It may change after beta, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful about it. If it is closed source in the end, it could be one more reason to move away from SFOS for some or start working on open sourced implementation.



Indeed, closed source things are slowly killing this OS :frowning:
Without broad VoLTE support Sailfish is dead and being locked into these few latest devices to get essential features introduced with newer SFOS releases is sad.
It kinda bothers me how you, MisterMagister and other community porters can update their ports to keep up with latest development., while official ports are stuck with ancient base. Even if move to latest AOSP would both fix few bugs in basic features and simplify maintenance with unified ports.

Hi rinigus, my xz2c is working great but the battery is starting to get lose power quickly. I’m thinking of getting a new xz2. Is the 6Gb variant supported, H8296?

xz2 is already quite old - it may make sense to get newer device. To my knowledge, 6gb variant is not supported by Sony AOSP. Whether it actually works, I don’t know.

Thanks, I know it’s old but I don’t like the new generation tall phones. I had a look at sony developer: seems it’s not supported. Maybe I’ll go for another xz2c…or just a new battery.

Hi! On H8296 I installed Sailfish firmware from rinigus.
There are two ways.
1 way. Flash the latest firmware H8266 to the device. Then install Sailfish for H8266 from rinigus. Saifish installed under Linux.
2 way. Edit the file, replace H8266 with H8296, and disable stop on checksum. I stitched it under Linux.
AOSP did not install. I put it on my native Android.

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Thanks @zuyev for the tip. Some questions: does it work as a dual sim? What do you mean AOSP didn’t install? Did you try something like Lineageos?
and did you unlock the bootloader in the normal way?- it’s not on the sony open source list so in theory it’s not unlockable.
Thanks in advance.

AFAIK dual sim versions of tama phones work. If you want to install just follow the instructions.

The bootloader unlock in the normal way. I chose XZ2, I did not offer a specific model for selection. If prompted, then you can choose H8266.
AOSP and Lineageos did not install.
DualSiM work.

Thanks Vladimir…it’s maybe worth a try if I get a cheap one from China.

I have a strange phenomen on my XZ2Compact happen now for two times (one time with the old Battery and one time with a new original Battery, sometimes when the Battery-Level is at 50%-51% it stucks there for hours while using before changing again:

Before that happens, there was a big adn short uncharge reported (108%/h), you can see that clearly at 14:56.

Also the App Usage show always 18% Battery-Degradation even with the Brand new original Sony Battery, which cannot be true, because the runtime of the new Battery is much longer.

Such anomaly started with the transition of the port to AOSP10, if I remember correctly. Never figured out why.

So i guess this is related to AOSP10, good to know that my Hardware is okay then, i can live with that.