Xperia 10 III support

No, I gave up on the X when I burnt the charging connector and I switched to the XA2 Plus I had already bought. It’s repaired and working but unused due to the old Android. Anyway, fingerprint unlocking works for me on the XA2 (but I don’t use it, it had a bug that caused some bad behaviour when unlocking with fingerprint).

Comparing the 2 phones X10ii and X10iii, there isn’t much difference except for a larger battery and an updated CPU.
Everything else seems quite similar. I’ll be tempted to stay on X10ii then :slight_smile:


Except the X10III has 5G.


50% more RAM definitely helps if you need to use Android applications - it’s unbelievable how much RAM even the simplest Android applications will hog. The 10 III also apparently has Triluminos, like the Xperia X, which is something that makes the latter’s LCD screen look like an OLED screen, so I wonder what it makes the OLED screen look like. Pointless to upgrade from the 10 II to the 10 III, but if you have to upgrade from an older device, it’s definitely worth waiting a little longer for the 10 III to get Sailfish support.


SFOS 4/fingerprint reader works quite fine on the Xx.

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Lucky you. On my XA2 unlocking with fingerprints doesn’t work. Device always asks for a code.

Some day we all have to switch to a device with 5G.

Since it always takes some time for Jolla to implement a new Xperia device, I’m glad they announced this now. Because if they would wait until their adaptations was ready, the device would have sold out already. So I guess I will get a 10 iii soon so I have an option once my current Sailfish device has a problem,


Indeed, no complaints about that anymore! Thanks.

My Xperia X is running 4.2.

Having just received my 10 iii, it does physically feel nicer than the XA2+ I’m currently running.
Narrower, lighter and very slightly shorter. My Thumb can reach across the screen safely without my palm touching the other side of the screen.
Just hope the processor speed is not an indicator for performance, as it’s actually a lower clock speed. But as we know clock speed of a processor is not the only performance measure.
Eagerly anticipating Sailfish for it now.

I Originally got the XA2+ with 6GB to enable use longer life, planning for the 10 iii will get a few years, only reasons I’ve gone with the 10 iii is 64 bit support, as many apps particularly android apps are likely to head this way exclusively. It was inevitable sailfish had to go this way. And 5G as it’s coming whether I like it or not. Now with the promised VoLTE and the ever improving Android support, I can enjoy Sailfish and keep those ever annoying yet needed android apps working as required. (Governments ridiculously insisting on and App when properly setup websites would have managed re Covid. Work apps, and in-laws who insist on using proprietor comms apps. etc.)


Just ordered the xperia 10 iii today after having seen a nice Black Friday deal here in Germany for 339 € (Saturn, incl. 10 € newsletter subscription coupon). Since the phone comes together with the bluetooth headset WH-CB710N which costs about 70 €, the effective price for the xperia 10 iii is around 270 €, only. Not too bad for a new device I would say!

Compared to my xperia 10 this definately will be a worth upgrade I think. According to Antutu / Geekbench the CPU will be around 3 times faster. Moreover, it has twice the amount of RAM. So, come on Jolla, please make us a christmas present and release Sailfish for xperia 10 iii soon :santa:

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For people in Germany another deal is X10iii in combination with a 24 month contract by klarmobil. You get the phone plus the mentioned WH-CB710N for 29€ and the contract is 7GB LTE (sadly limited to 21 Mbit/s) for 15€/month in vodafone network.
If you have a use for the contract, this is a great deal as the contract fee itself is okay-ish but comes with a “free” phone. Plus they have the white version of the phone available.
The offer is valid: my sim, phone and headphones just arrived :slight_smile:

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That also sounds like a very good deal. But since I don’t want to sign any more cell phone contracts, it’s not an option for me. I recently switched to one of those prepaid rates from a discounter, which costs only €7.99 per month, all-net flat, offers the best network quality (D-network) and 3GB LTE (max. 25 Mbit/s). And as soon as there is an even better offer, I can simply switch to it due to the lack of any contract. Feels just right for me :slight_smile:

I’m more concerned about model compatibility.
In particular, I’m looking between the 10 iii model XQ-BT52 and the 10 iii Lite model XQ-BT44. Far as I can tell, the BT44 model is the more recent released model with 64GB of storage with microSD expansion, dual nano and eSIM support. The BT52 model has either 128 or 256GB of storage, and either single SIM or hybrid dual SIM (trading microSD expansion for the dual SIM option).

It would seem that the 10 iii model is preferable since it comes with more base storage out the door, which would make it very viable to have a large system partition, swap space, and not even really need to worry about the microSD card. With that said, the 10 iii Lite will do dual SIM and microSD support simultaneously thanks to using the eSIM.

All we can hope is that Jolla will make both models supported to ensure the choice. From what I’ve seen, they had great over all support with the XA2 and its Plus and Ultra models.

EDIT: Some confusion and bad sources got in the way.

More pressing, the 10 iii Lite was only released in Japan. Now, I still see it being a good idea to support this model. The more models supported, the better the width of users. But most of us will only be able to get the XQ-BT52 model released internationally.

I think it’s the other way round: the BT52 has 128 GB and the BT44 has 64 GB.


Actually the information I was rading is incorrect. editing.

I totally wouldn’t count on japanese BT44 support. Even AOSP doesn’t support it, so no dice.