Xperia 10 III support

Are there plans to port Sealfish to the Sony Xperia 10 III.
I have that mobile now, because mine Xperia X isn’t working anymore.

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I believe this is the one for this question: SFOS support for new xperia devices


Thanks for your help. Indeed i didn’t search good enough. Will wait a while and hope it will come soon.

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Any Sony phone that could eventually end up getting a SFOS port must be added to the Open Devices by Sony.

According to this list the Xperia 10 III is not part of the program yet, this means the chances to see an official Sailfish port any time soon are rather slim.

No, it won’t come soon. Leave your hopes and get yourself a X10mk2.


Its a pitty. So for now its goodbye to Jolla and Sealfish for me.

You could try to petition Sony, of course :slight_smile:

:thinking: Hmmm… not entirely sure that would work.

Still not in the supported devices list, however, these some weeks old additions to sonyxperiadev GitHub could perhaps be interpreted to be a possible sign of something (as in, Sony adding it to the supported Open Devices, no comments or guesses made on any further actions by any other parties) happening sometime soon™. As a previous data point, Xperia 10 II seems to have been added to supported platforms 3 weeks after the initial GitHub repository commit.

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And that “sometime soon” it still a 1+ year away…

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Yes, indeed, depends on what one counts as “something”. Augmented my original post to describe the reality more clearly.
EDIT: Indeed, I am not quite sure what you mean with your “1+ year away”, since the post you linked shows “SFOS ready” being quite consistently 8-12 months after the “First released” (= 6-10 months after addition to Open Devices Program) for the last 3 Sony devices. But indeed, what “something” is, is up to reader.

Xperia 10 III added to Sony’s Open Devices program: Xperia 10 III added to Sony's Open Devices program - Sony Developer World


fantastic, the prospect of an eventual 6GB memory device to replace the 6GB XA2 Plus i have been using for two and a half years now.

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Could mean we get SFOS for the 10III somewhere around April, just after all retailers will have stopped selling them :laughing:


Maybe after released 10 III sfos, then Xperia IV came out

I’m not trying to pick on Jolla (I’m sure they would love to support new devices from day 1) but I’m afraid I will, again (as happened with 10II), have to buy a device just to let it sit in a drawer for months.


I know that feeling :wink:
For me, and I guess for the most, a statement by Jolla “We are working on … device”
or other clear statement like this would be the best. Of course without guarantee.

But I’d appreciate it so that I can buy that device for the case mine is broken or when there is black friday, SSV or whatever. And better than having anxiety the device is no longer available.
I experienced all 3 cases already

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I can only imagine the outrage if for whatever reason the pre-announced device “without guarantee” doesn’t pan out.