Xperia 10 III support

I think at one of the community meetings someone mentioned that Sony is very cooperative and responsive. This cooperation works well for Jolla, and apparently they haven’t received much enthusiasm from other vendors to work with. Yearly new adaptation cycle also seems to fit their internal scheduling quit nicely. So, I believe, we will have to live with Sony devices, like it or not. Being a proponent of Jolla-Fairphone partnership myself for all the exact same reasons as you, I’ve given in. It’s like you want OS X, you buy Apple, as simple as it is. We’ve got some more freedom, though, thanks to community ports.


Thank you. The rapid changing of devices is Sony’s policy, not Jolla’s, we have to realise that indeed. For Jolla this is not an advantage. New customers cannot buy older models and flash Sailfish on it. (Well, ebay, refurbished etc.but that’s not serious.)

New customers cannot buy older models and flash Sailfish on it. (Well, ebay, refurbished etc.but that’s not serious.)

Why ?

Ok i’m not a new user. But i’am not a dev. I don’t work in computers at all. I am very eager to flash my x10ii that I bought on “”!!! Jolla’s explanations are very clear and are within the reach of many people.
And buy an “old” smartphone is good for the planet :slight_smile:


Actually I do like Sony! Especially the good sound of my XA2. I only wished they didn’t change their models so quickly.

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It’s official. Now you have no excuse about sold out devices and uncertainty.

The next reference device for Sailfish X will be the new Xperia 10 III, which we’re working hard to bring available to all of you in early 2022.


Upcoming Xperia 10 III support was mentioned in Jolla blog: Happy Birthday Jolla! | Jolla Blog


Thats perfect, news.

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Yes, that’s perfect !

Though, it seems X10iii is more expensive than the X10ii. It goes for 429€ in France at the moment for a new one… :confused:

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It’s a 5G device. I think much of the extra cost is due to IP.

“The next reference device for Sailfish X will be the new Xperia 10 III, which we’re working hard to bring available to all of you in early 2022.”

Amazing, thank you Jolla.


Early 2022 according to Jolla: 1 Jan - 30 Nov 2022.
Mid 2022: 1 Dec - 30 Dec.
Late 2022: 31 Dec.


There’s no rush to get one just yet, I’m sure there will be a sale on Black Friday, or over the Christmas period, and then finally around the time the stockists want to sell off the last of their stocks.


I did not see price drops on the Xperia 10 II at the end of its sales period. Anyway, in Italy, the Xperia 10 III has been briefly discounted on Sony’s official website (the only distribution channel), but it is currently sold at full price.

I keep an eye on ebay, and using the Completed listings filter, you can see they were going for £250 over the summer, and now prices have risen to ~£290, but I’m happy biding my time, I think I’m right in saying this is where you find the cheaper end of line deals.

At launch a number of outlets were giving a free pair of headphones with them, which helps bring the price down, if they are of interest, so maybe that offer may return.

Like I said though we know there’s at least 4/5 months before they release an port, and then perhaps another 2 months before there’s a more stable release, so if you keep an eye on prices you should be able to find a deal somewhere.

A few places to keep an eye on:

  1. ebay
  2. amazon
  3. amazon warehouse (around Black Friday they often further discount items in there)
  4. skinflint - there are sister sites in other languages, and great for finding deals across Europe for EU citizens :crying_cat_face:
  5. Hotukdeals for UK searches, and for some european equivalents

oh come on, a little more confidence and hope please :wink:

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Even though its not a device for me i’d like to see if we get support for the video out function the phone has. Opens a whole new level of cool new things that can be done with SFOS.


Prices will skyrocketing after the announcement. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Last year around Christmas I wanted to buy a X 10 ii. But the announcement for X 10 ii support didn’t come. After Sony announced the X 10 III thought that one would be much more future proof. Now after the announcement I am glad that I have waited :slight_smile:

Everybody changes phone models yearly, if Sony did not their (already poor) sales would diminish further.
Anyway, about reparability, I had the chance to open my Xperia X. The phone is a repairer’s dream. No soldering, everything is connectorised including connectors, and spares are available on Aliexpress. The only downside is the use of glue to fix the back instead of screws.


Thanks for your reply. Do you have Sailfish 4 on the X? I tried to update the X, but it only works untill Pallas Yllästunturi. Sailfish 4 (Koli) is not possible. I don’t mind that the X has no fingerprint unlocking for at the XA2 that I daily use this never worked.