Xperia 10 III support

thats true. i have nothing against GS but how is the availability in other countries? I don’t know.

I don’t get it; why would anyone have to buy a new phone just because it is available?
This argument makes no sense.


@attah totally agree with you! Also Jolla should focus first on making current supported devices fully functional without problems instead of constantly chasing a rabbit.

Why indeed. Why does Jolla all the efforts of developing adaptions to a new model? Because of progress? The Sony 10 II has features and improvements that the XA2 doesn’t have. Storage capacity e.g., 64-bit aarch apps, oled display.
I am using an XA2, still usable apart from GPS, weak wifi etc., but not sure if that works better on a 10 II.

You don’t have to, Jolla wants you to buy a new one, including payment for flashing. That’s Jolla’s business model for ordinary customers.

No, that’s not at all what i said. I disagree with the premise that the current device progression is detrimental to quality - there is nothing to support that, only conjecture.
Hardware, driver and kernel adaptation quality is a much bigger factor. Only parts of which Jolla can actually improve upon - and do, for all models.
However; i do appreciate that you don’t have to buy a 3 year old model, should you come aboard later, or your current phone die.

Supporting the J1 for 7 years and continuously shipping new Android App Support versions for even the XA2 says that making current customers pay more often is not high on their list.


Since its inception, Fairphone has released a new phone about every 1,5 years, and something tells me the people who bought a FP1 or FP2 have long since bought a newer device (Fairphone or other). Sustainability is nice and repairability is wonderful, but Fairphone is still a business first and foremost, and humans are still interested in having the latest and greatest gadgets.

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that’s changing:

Keep in mind that it’s mainly because of the crappy Android policy to support phone only for the two years after release excluding Pixel which imho is unfair competition.

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Good point. They are not as sustainable as they should be. And now they are forced, like many others, to put a device with 5G in the market.

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Before I conjecture for the third time, I would appreciate if you could explain why Jolla works hard to make adaptations to devices that are sold out very soon? It happened to the X, the XA2 and now to the 10 II. I cannot make this clear to my friends.

Didn’t know about that Android policy. Thank you.

They starts with adaptation when device goes to Open Devices program.


Why should you buy a device every 2 years? Xperia XA2 is almost 4 years old. In case of apple I think the price makes the device “sustainable”. If you pay 800+ euros on a device you will keep it long time. If apple would sell iphones for 200 euros, everyone will change them every 2 years. Do you want that kind of “sustainability”?


i’m actually satisfied with the current situation so far. in germany, there are enough as-new devices on the used market. i bought my xperia x and my xperia 10 plus that way without any problems. the price is around 200€ for the device.
I would prefer the subscription system with 5€ monthly, if you could get updates more often than buying the license once.


No, of course not. The opposite! Three kids no car and we cycled with them through Europe. Since our retirement we have a car, but we use it only now and then. Electronics should be made repairable, with replacable parts and at the end be recycled carefully. That’s the ideal.


Nice! I would like to do the same :slight_smile: . I agree with you regarding repairability, but more often repairing devices costs more than buying new, and from financial point of view it makes less sense to do it.

The X 10 III for around 200 €? Do have a link?

I think its more around 350 € - 400 €

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I was talking about officially supported devices. Accordingly, the 10 II is the latest. This device was available as of May 2020. 1 year later you can buy it from 200€.
The 10 III is only released in June 2021 and has no official support. Current price used is about 300-350€. In the middle of 2022 it will also have dropped in price.

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Fairphone is likely to be more and more easily repairable, I believe that once the battery gets worn down, there will be a replacement available and installing it is easy. That is not necessarily true for the Sony.

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well to be honest it’s kind of unofficial but when you check somehow almost all the manufacturers that use Android goes with this. The exception is fro Pixel of course and that Android One thing which got three years.