Xperia 10 II + SFOS

Any ideas how to get Google Chrome installed?

INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY: Reconciliation failed…: Reconcile failed: Package requires unavailable shared library; failing!

Install, you can get it e. g. from APKPure.
Reason: From Android 10 on, the rendering engine has been separated from Chrome into an external library to ease sharing by other apps. This library is provided by Google and is not in AOSP.

Thanks. Surprisingly, installing Trichrome Library 91.0.4472.77 (arm64-v8a + arm-v7a) APK Download by Google LLC - APKMirror dis not fix it. Hm.

As an alternative, you can install Bromite.

I installed FFUpdater from FDroid and it can download Frefox and Bromite (chrome-based).

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Learning: I miss hardware camera button.

The volume up or down buttons act as a hardware camera button.


Anyone else experiencing really low overall volume even though everything is set to max? is this a software or hardware issue?


I have not.
Did you boot up the phone with Android after unlocking?
Apparently some hardware calibration takes place there…

Yes I did, although I did not finish again the setup wizard.

That say it isn’t needed, so neither did i… So i guess it isn’t that.

Ok so actually, I just found out that the mp3 files i copied to the device and used as system sounds seem to have a low volume. The stock SFOS notification sounds are loud. But the keyboard feedback sound can barely be heard.

android apps also arent really loud. Eg playing music on spotify is rather low volume.

its a bit weird …

[edit] Maybe the volume on android should be increased? How can this be done? On the XA2 I had aliendalvik control installed, but its not available on the 10ii.

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I believe that’s intentional, it’s like that on all Sailfish devices I know of anyway.

I should’ve been more clear - I miss hardware Camera app LAUNCH button.

Otherwise, yes, been using volume keys inside Camera ever since discovering that’s an option.

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I’m not so happy with the format. The screen is less wide than XA2, but too long. Battery looks good - 55% left after 24 hours. Fingerprint unlocking on power button does not work perfect. The 10 ii feels not much faster than the XA2.
What I definitely miss, is predictive text input. It works perfect on Sailfish, but is not yet available for the 10 ii. I hope this will be delivered soon, i.e. before the next update.


Agreed on the fingerprint unlocking, it’s finicky at best and a constant source of annoyance—it worked flawlessly on my Xperia X, tho…


I have issuse getting a GPS signal … not sure what I should do. I’m on / 10 ii. I have good 4G connectivity, and I am also connected to WiFi.

My settings look like this: Sailfish OS 4.1 10 ii GPS - Album on Imgur

However neither in Pure Maps nor in any Android App I seem to be getting a signal. The location-icon in the top bar is blinking when I e.g. open Pure Maps, but no position is shown.

I have also installed the “Positioning - Western Europe” package, however it didn’t change anything. Also I though that this package is no longer needed :thinking:

Any idea what could be wrong? I have also rebooted already, no change.

[edit] Okay just noticed I have a position in Pure Maps now, after I kept it open for about 10 minutes. Also the position is not exactly correct (I’m indoors tho, but on the iPhone the position was more precise).

So getting the position signal just seems to be really slow.

Upon 10II with just these Location settings almost instantaneous result upon Pure Maps, although Here Maps takes a while longer. Did you check results upon Android before flashing Sailfish OS?

You need some time for the first fix for a new device (or one that has been disconnected for a long time or powered down far away from next power up), up to half an hour is normal.

Alright, I’ll observe the further behaviour and see if it improves.

I have a problem with audio cals with the Xperia 10 II.
I tested two different 3.5mm headsets and with both the microphone of the cellphone got used and not the one of the headset. Does anybody know this issue?

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