XPeria 10 II + SFOS

Has recently been “released” in the open devices program, when will we be able to have sfos on it?


i just came here to ask the same question. i already have done it on jolla together. it would be nice to have an oled device again with great linux, so with sailfish x. community ports aren’t so fun sometimes, because they’re not maintained all the time and lack android support.

First Jolla should release HADK for phones based on AOSP10


If Sony allowed devices to be unbootloader, will they allowed to use the full camera settings of Sony??

So the question is more like, when ? :slight_smile:

No, and you have to remember that SailfishOS supports only one lens.

HADK for AOSP were related to SFOS X releases of the corresponding years. In this respect, we do miss AOSP10 port and, if any official port would be done, 10 II has probably the best chance among the devices.

However, it seems that Xperia 10 II SODP is relatively new. Software binaries appeared on June 15. Compare that to Xperia 10 which had binaries on Mar 22 2019. So, there is a significant shift from year-to-year releases and AOSP10 now is probably not as well supported yet by Sony as AOSP9 was a year ago.


ok. so why not to find another brand that has not that many problems like Sony in that way?

While Sony has it’s issues, there are not that many manufacturers supporting hacking around their devices as Sony does. In particular, it is important to notice that we have access to binary blobs that are distributed legally from Sony directly. In addition, they have a team working on this open devices development and support. For example, with my XZ{2[c],3} port, I had help when it was needed from them in addition to the help from SFOS porters. For Jolla, legal aspect is surely important.

As for Sony advantages, see .

These days we also have some new Linux-only devices coming up. Could be interesting target for future SFOS support, but I would like to see AOSP10 support as well for larger choice of devices.


thanks rinigus.

all that sounds awesome. i just think that it could be better.

and why just one of them?

I had the fortune to shortly meet the guy managing the Sony Open Devices Program at the SFOS Community Dinner on Fosdem.
He was very enthusiastic about supporting all alternative OSes and his explanations left a very good feeling towards Sonys commitment.
That may be on personal level only but regardless, the fact alone he was showing up, offered help to porters and answered all questions is a very good sign imo.


Noooo, I wanted to upgrade from my Xx to the 10ii :weary:

These days we also have some new Linux-only devices

which one beside the pinephone?

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Well, I hope Xperia 10 II will be supported in future, officially or not.

As for Linux phones, in addition to Pinephone, there is also Librem 5 by Purism.


Do you really think Purism will deliver it?

I have thought the 10 ii would be my next phone as well but if SFOS just supports one lense I consider the volla phone or OP6 with UT as well.

Ok so, I think in order to get a new phone, a new HADK is just mandatory.
I mean, android advances, and it will accelerate in the coming years.
This should on one side “streamline” the HADK adoption; but on the other side,
require jolla to stay on track.

What i mean is, what makes you think jolla is not working on a HADK for AOSP9/10 as we type?
One reason would be that jolla wants to focus away from android blobs; which is a brave attempt,
but how likely to succeed?

On top of that, what makes SFOS “support only one lense”? AFAIK, the FW Sony delivers for the AOSP is lacking the functionality. Hence it’s not SFOS that has the limitation, but the HADK it bases itself on.

I think it’s a limitation on SailfishOS side. Here is decribed how support fro many lanses works on AOSP,


Wait a moment; are you telling me (or better, google is :smiley: ) that AOSP did not support multiple cameras natively before Version 9?

Wait a moment; are you telling me (or better, google is :smiley: ) that AOSP did not support multiple cameras natively before Version 9?

Just to be clear this is not about multiple cameras as in one front, one back. This is about multiple cameras (a.k.a. multiple lenses) appearing/working as one wrt. OS support.