Xperia 10 II broke down - after service installed Android 12 - now no Android support app in Jolla store?

OS VERSION: (Kvarken)
HARDWARE: Xperia 10 II dual sim


now no Android support app in Jolla store? So impossible to install Aptoid or F-Droide. Could it be because in servie they installed Android 12 to phone first?







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Is the SailfishOS itself working normally now after you’ve re-flashed since the service? Usually, if the Android version etc. are an issue, they break something else as well.

I was thinking that there might be some limitation for Android AppSupport when it comes to older SailfishOS releases. Maybe they don’t support it?

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No, even the phone itself is totally without sound and impossible to make/receive calls. This version of Sailfish was working properly in the same phone with Android support and all (almost) Android apps were working fine (Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Instagram etc.) before service, just couple of weeks ago.


It would be useful if you gave more and clear information. For example by following the bug report template, it is there for a reason.

I’m not sure I get what happened. Are you saying the phone was flashed with Android 12, and then you installed SFOS 4.1 again?
Or what is this “service” you mention?

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I figure it might’ve had a screen or battery replacement and Sony in their wisdom flashed it with the latest google OS image to test that it was working before sending it back. :frowning:

Does Sony have an Android 11 image that you can set it back to, and then go to SFOS from there?

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Thanks for your good remark. Exactly. Battery and processor were changed and then local Sony service (Elisa’s subcontractor) flashed latest Android version 12 in to the phone, although I said it has Sailfish OS. It seems I am on the right path about finding the problem. If there is first Android 12 on the phone and then you try to install SFOS it will not work? What next, go back to service and ask them to flash Android 11 to phone or can I do it myself easily? And once Android 11 on the phone, I should re-install SFOS?

That’s exactly what you should do. Use Emma to flash Android 11 and then reinstall SFOS.


I think the phone’s IMEI has changed then and you should contact Jolla support about that.


I’d say yes, reinstall SFOS, but unless you have a good reason to stay on 4.1, use the latest version (4.5) to flash.

See this and this thread where people have had a similar situation to yours.

The recommended version of Android for the X10II is 11, so you should first revert to that. If your service center will do that, fine, but you can also do it yourself.


I am very new to all this.
Until I decided to try Sailfish, I used a Palm OS Treo after Windows Mobile was defunct …

Does Sony provide different images for their phones for different android versions, or do customers have to go somewhere like XDA developers to get previous images?

It is explained here:

You get the images and the tool to flash them (EMMA) from Sony. Do NOT use third-party images for this.


For Xperia 10 II you should use 59.1.A.2.169 (Android 11) so the choises you get looks OK to me.

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Thanks eson.
Well, I did install Android 11 to my Xperia 10 II with the help of Emma
from Sony.

And then flashed Sailfish X and also image for Android from Sony’s
pages. For some reason, Sailfish wanted to have image of Android 10,
Kernel 4.14, Seine.

It did not work with Android 11 Seine image.

Finally I could install Sailfish to my phone!

Then I signed in to my Jolla account and added Jolla account to phone.

But now I have the same problems as before: no Android support in Jolla
store, not possible to install Aptoide appstore or other appstore, no
sounds in the phone…

I even added Google-account: that gave me the browser to phone.

Here information about the phone:

Sailfish OS 4.5
Xperia 10 II-Dual SIM
Version: (Struven ketju)

So has anyone any ideas what went wrong and how to fix these problems? Good ideas and help is most welcome. And yes, if Sailfish will not work, then I have to reinstall Android 12. What was that option in Emma?

You mentioned that they changed the SOC, meaning the motherboard.
New motherboard means a completely new phone basically and of course new imei.
You should contact Jolla support so that they can transfer your license to the new phone/imei.


Before you install sailfishOS , did you try on android that everything / sound / calls/ wifi etc were working fine on the device?

If it is the software binaries ( you are talking about, then it’s exactly what you should use according to Jolla’s HowTo. So no problem there.
Besides that, I think that you shall do as @Kanthal says, because Jolla’s server does not recognize your new SOC.

Hello nas,

Yes, of course. By the book, every step. Surfing with or without wifi, making/receiving calls…And everything was working fine. Both with Android 12 and Android 11.


Update: now everything else is working except sounds after Jolla service changed configurations in their server so that it recognized again my device. But has anyone any idea how to fix the sound problem? Phone is totally without sounds, so impossible to call or receive calls. Well, younger generation does mainly messaging, but sometimes is nice to call too :smile: -)


do you mean absolutely no sounds? …except maybe a sinoid whistle starting up or at random? In that case it could be a bug that happens rarely but can’t be fixed, something to do with the sony binaries. I got a 10 ii like that and had to sell it on. Jolla will transfer your licence to another 10 ii if you explain.

Hi Sailors,

No new advice for this voice problem?

If so, could someone please provide a link where to download Android 12 for my Sony Xperia 10 II?

Hope to see Sailfish then again with my next phone!