Xperia 10 ii and Android 12

I’ve been using Sailfish for some years. Got an old Xperia 10 ii and updated it to Android 11, but suddenly the latest update gave me Android 12. Will the Sailfish install instructions for Android 11 work for 12, too? If yes, are there any restrictions on how far into Android 12 I should do the Sony system updates?
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Generally the advice is to downgrade (reflash) to stock Android of the version Jolla specifies, and then OTA upgrade to the highest patch level of that Major Version.
Then flash SFOS.

Newer than specified Android version can work (it happened for the X10III which got official support for a higher version than when support was announced), but older ports are generally not rebuilt against newer versions. It can also have all kinds of issues.

I wouldn’t risk it.

[EDIT:] See the Notes column on Supported Devices | Sailfish OS Documentation


how easy is it to reflash a 10ii back to android 11?

i have a 10ii knocking around that i accidentally let upgrade to 12, and a have a SFOS licence for 10ii.

i’m not to keen to take risks with a working device after my experience with SFOS on the 10iii - its a lovely SFOS toy, but without mobile data it’s a pretty poor phone.

Using the Emma flash tool for Xperia devices it is easy.

@weirdhat read the article: 2.2.1 Selecting the version of Android baseband


Xperia 10 53.0 .A.8.69 (Android 9) [3]
Xperia 10 II 59.1. A.0.485 (Android 11)
59.0 .A.6.24 (Android 10) [4]

Does someone know how to reflash Xperia 10ii from Android Version 12 to 11 on a Linux Machine?

And are there known issues using the Version 12 with sailfish as feared above?


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Or [TOOL] XperiFirm ~ Xperia Firmware Downloader [v5.6.5] | XDA Forums

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Thank you all, for the info.
I will try the Emma route just because it is the official way. But I wonder, for the future, how stable XperiFirm and Newflasher are. Sound great to be able to reflash old Sony binaries on Linux.

Its beside my original question, but it would prolong the usable life of a phone if Jolla/Salifish continue to support old hardware on as high an Android version as possible, wouldn’t it? (I suppose sailfish will support android 12 firmware longer into the future than Android 11 firmware.) Would be good for the green credentials of Sailfish, maybe, since it would probably slow down material turnover, maybe…

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I’m running into the same issue. I got a second-hand 10 II device, which was updated to Android 12. If I use XperiFirm the only older version I can find for this device is ones where the “market” is set to “internal”. If I search around I can only find versions as a file with a .ftf extension, which newflasher doesn’t accept.

This means it’s very hard to install Sailfish on this officially supported device. I think that if Jolla depends on a specific version, they should provide instructions on where to get the required firmware files and how to flash them.

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I updated my X10III from Android 12 to Sailfish without issues. As flashing Sailfish installs the correct AOSP firmware anyway, I don’t really see a downside doing that. Someone at Jolla also said that “it seems to work fine, but the official method remains to be via Android 11” or something along those lines.

…unless newer Android updates make some permanent changes to the devices using EEPROM or some other hidden obscure way, but I really really hope this is never the case.

but are they talking about doing so on a 10iii, where the question here is about the 10ii?

the install process has changed significantly between different hardware releases, so not sure it is safe to infer outcomes between the 10iii and 10ii.

don’t get me wrong, i’d be delighted if the 10ii can safely be SFOS’ed from Android 12, i have one sat right next me.

How about using Androxyde/Flashtool instead?

Flashtool didn’t work for me. That just gave me some java stacktrace. I managed in the end by unzipping the ftf file and then running newflasher.