SFOS on Xperia 10 II under Android 12?

I bought another (used) Xperia 10 II to replace my dead 10 II (due to HW fault) that had worked quite well for me, while awaiting sorting out the issues regarding 10 III.
However, the Xp 10 II that I bought had been updated to Android 12, (discovered that too late …), which leaves me with the following questions:

  1. Is there any use at all to try to install SFOS on the 10 II phone in current state, as Jolla under “Required stock Android version” states “Android 11 (10 is ok)” for this phone, (and don’t open up for “12 is ok” as Jolla does for 10 III)?

  2. Where can I find info on how to downgrade the phone from Android 12 to 11?

(3. Can I expect to be able to re-establish the data content on a phone running SF 4.5 from a back-up made under 4.4?)

Xperia 10 ii and Android 12 according to this thread people had luck with flashing over android 12, but there are steps mentioned how to get 11. IIRC you need the Emma Sony tool for that.

  1. The thread that @PeperJohnny refered to is a good start
  2. Reinstalling Sailfish OS | Sailfish OS Documentation
    Follow the Reverting Xperia back to Android OS
  3. A backup is generally forward compatible (4.4 to 4.5)
    Sidenote: Read here what a backup contains: Backup and Restore | Sailfish OS Documentation

@PeperJohnny @emva Thanks for the responses that clarified various matters for me – and gave me confidence to try to install SF 4.5 on my Xp 10 II without the hassle of downgrading to Android 12.

@espen After getting a used xperia 10 II which is already running android 12, I would like to figure out how to proceed for installing sailfishos. I saw in your post that everything went fine trying that without downgrade. In post elswhere it was described that everything worked after installing, but the phone had bad performance. How it is in your case, did you notice something like that?
Trying to get a bit more confidence before daring installing sailfishos :slight_smile:

Basically I think it works fine.
Sometimes changing from one app to another takes a few seconds, but I think that was also the case on my former X II installed on A11.

For my simple usage (phone, SMS/MMS, camera, alarm, notes and web browser) the only problem I have is that the bluetooth isn’t working well in my car’s handsfree system (VW) – I can hear the others, but they don’t hear me. That worked OK on the previous phone.

The web browser basically also seems to be working OK – I don’t say “up to speed”, but mostly quick enough for my usage. (What really irritates me is that some sites responds that the browser is too old and not supported for advanced funcitions - but don’t know if that would have been better on A11, probably not.)

I should probably also add that my phone has not updated from to .19.
When manually requesting an update check, it just reports that it is updated, and I guess that may have something to do with A12.
Haven’t bothered yet to try to obtain update to .19 by a terminal command, (but ought to do it, I guess, perhaps the BT would be OK …? )

What Android version you started from can’t possibly influence that… could it be that you don’t have a license for it?

Thanks for responding attah!

As for license:

A. I have a paid for license for SF on the Xperia 10 II which I had running on my previous Xp 10 II that had a HW crash. I thought that I downloaded the paid for version again when I installed SF on my next Xp 10 II (on A12), but I guess that since I don’t have the forward typing functionality available it means that I’m now just on a free license. (So I will likely have to have the license transferred to this latest phone, or buy a new license.)

B. Do one need more of a license to update to/install .19 than .18?

The downloads are no different. What software your account enables you (on a per-device-basis) to see is the whole difference. GUI updates is one of these things. There is no more or less regarding licenses than having one or not having one.

Do you mean that free licenses are just for download, so that they don’t upgrade over the air – and that upgrade over the air always requires a paid license?

(I’ve had paid licenses since 2014, so I have no experience with free licenses from before.) My impression from discussions in the forum was that the free licenses also took part in the updates.

GUI updates are licensed, terminal, sfos-upgrade and whatnot works regardless.

Thanks for clarification!

Thank you for your fast answer! In the meantime I managed to reflash the device with Android 11 before installing sailfish - using emma as described here worked fine for me

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