Xperia 1 IV, 5 IV and 10 IV support

No, they would because that would delay Jolla another year. Xperia 10 IV is out there already with several bug fixes so the most likely scenario is that they are already working on a Xperia 10 IV port. Also when they deploy Sailfish for a device they want the kernel to be as stable as possible and not too early for a particular model.


this is where I am - a 10iii user looking at a 10v as the next puchase.

i always run two phone, newer xperia running on android for finance apps i don’t necessarily want to carry aound with me, and the prior version that runs SFOS as a daily driver.

nothing against a 10iv port if jolla consider it viable commercially, but can’t help but notice that it has already been superceded, and will likely be hard to source by the time any sfos port might arrive. therefore limited revenue potential for Jolla.

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Thanks for your post fellows I love SFOS and my Jolla C. BUT it’s beginn to been slow. I want a new SFOS device. Some glitch in the OS, no problem. I have a PC. SFOS is and will be my preferred phone OS, I hope.
Please give me some advise .

By the way.
I stared the god experience with Nokia N9. My first smart phone.
Sorry. Off the record.


For an average Xperia 10 III owner, in most cases only 1 year old or less, neither the 10 IV nor the 10 V offer anything worth paying several hundred Euros for. They even look the same. The 10 V’s improved camera won’t be of much use just like 10 III’s camera still isn’t (and won’t be until Jolla cracks the Camera2 API). Other than that, I can’t see any other possible benefits of upgrading. I like 10 V’s stereo speaker, but I won’t shell out hundreds of Euros just for that.

So, my opinion is entirely objective, based solely on what I think would be the best for the development of SFOS, and NOT because I need or want to upgrade to either of those models, because I DO NOT.

“Out there already”? “Out there” it was a year ago, and now it is just about to disappear from the stores, just like the 10 III did shortly after 10 IV’s announcement last year. Very soon it’ll be hard to reach first hand.

If so then SFOS will remain an OS for mostly second hand / outlet / closeout devices, as the 10 IV port will - once again - come out only when the 10 IV stops shipping, and so will then the 10 V port. In such case, I’m afraid that we should not expect SFOS to ever expand beyond that nice but niche group of geeks originating from Maemo times.


Picking a related thread somewhat at random…
There are now lots of “murray” repos on Sailfish OS Adaptation Repositories · GitHub
(That’s the codename for Xperia 10 IV)


Well, so they clearly remain faithful to their tradition of always supporting the just-being-replaced model, and holding on with officially announcing it until it starts disappearing from stores. Following this pattern, the 10 V will get support sometime in mid 2024 or so. I will stick with my 10 III then.

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Hopefully that will end the endless spam of ‘if I was a CEO of Jolla’ blogposts


It probably will, because it shows that Jolla don’t care about such opinions, anyway, so why bother.

Here is the question and answer about the 10 IV in the Community Meeting. If anyone is able with ports and wants a 10 IV there is an opportunity to help out.

The question:
Will Xperia 10 IV receive an official port?

  • This topic has been brought up before.
  • It would just be good to know if there are any news on
    what the next supported device will be.
  • Is it plausable, possible or probable that the Xperia
    10 IV will reveive an official port?
  • Is there a designated place on the forum or elsewhere
    where one can find information about this, or could such a place be
  • I know of quite a few people who have a 10IV and are
    waiting to install Sailfish on it.
  • Should we just wait for any news to be published on
    the blog?
  • Thanks!

The Answer


I’m in the “wish there was anything I could do except run a beta release”, and so are probably many others, but with the vocal crowd here - any takers?

Has anyone checked out what Jolla’s provided so far to see what’s still needed to make this a thing?

I’d hate for this port and the idea of supporting any new hardware to disappear into nothingness because someone could lend a helping hand but didn’t.

Let me know if there’s a beta to try out and where you want the bug reports! I have that spare phone lying around…


This far no one has grabbed the opportunity, it seems. I would love to have this port as well. I have the phone and no use for it unless there is a Sailfish port. I’ll see how long before I have to sell it.