Xperia 1 IV, 5 IV and 10 IV support

Sorry I saw that the latest posts were dc72 and thought i would add, and also volunteer to be a tester

Judging by #sailfishos-meeting log it would be a good thing to verify my Xperia 10 IV is on Android 13?

I was trying to find something on the release schedule, like [Release notes] Sauna - #119 by wetab73 , but everything’s a bit vague.

Are there any news on when one might get even the earliest possible access to install Sauna on an Xperia 10IV?

It’s a bit worrisome how soon vacations start, and there was a mention about the paid components like Android AppSupport coming in August, but do we have to wait that long to try out the phone without paid components?

And will it be possible to get paid components afterward without reinstalling/reflashing the phone?

Yes, it’s Android 13 based.

Free version will be published as soon as possible.

Free version would come first and paid components later.

Yes, similarly as it has been thus far. You can install let’s say AppSupport from the Jolla Store on the device after flashing.


I am looking for a new phone, and i consider Xperia 1 VI. Is that a bad choice for SFOS?
The Xperia models i can choose between are: 1 VI, 1 V, 5 V, 10 VI or 10 V
Does the community versions of SFOS lack important features?
Right now i have a short list of 2 phones: Xperia 1 VI, in case i will install SFOS, or Pixel 8 Pro to install GrapheneOS.

Well if you want offical support then the 10 V or 10 IV.

Also the Community version does not have any of the paid components like Android App Support or Exchange Connector …

Also the 1 VI is so new that its not in Open Devices yet so no porting Sailfisch OS also you have to port Sailfisch OS yourself to the Xperia 1 VI.

TLDR the Xperia 1 VI is a bad choice chose the 10IV or 10V

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Xperia 1 vi is currently not supported by sfos. Officiak support ( with androud app support ) is only for 10 series, with uocoming support for iv and v. For 1 series there is only a Community port (meaning no android app support, only waydroid). This lags behind a bit, I think at the moment version ii is in the works

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All community ports lack VoLTE support, plus all the paid features: Predictive Text/spelling, Android App Support and the MS Exchange stuff.

Individual ports will also have various specific limitations/bugs/features. And they may not have more recent version of SFOS yet (or ever). There a list of ports with feature grid, but it hasn’t been updated in a year and doesn’t include any devices released less than ~4 years ago.

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