XA2 sim cards not working if not both active after update to sfos

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2 dual sim
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes, with it worked.


After updating my XA2 dual sim (H4113) to SFOS the following problem occurs, which did not happen in buil

I cannot use my sim cards to call, if not both sim cards are active.



  1. Insert working sim cards in both slots
  2. Turn off slot 1 or slot 2


The active sim card should work


No connection at all. Mobile phone connectivity not available.

After turning both slots on active, both sim cards are working and
calls are possible for both cards.


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Thanks for reporting. We need to investigate this thoroughly. But I do not (yet) believe there would be any difference between .22 and .24 as the telephony parts were not touched.

Xidira, is there any difference if
a) the disabled SIM is in slot #1 or #2?
b) only one SIM is inserted in the phone (in slot #1 or #2) – so, instead of disabling one of the SIMs you would remove it fully - would this make the outgoing calls work?

When testing, please note that a change in the SIM settings may require even 1-2-3 minutes before the phone has communicated everything with the network. So do not rush testing or making conclusions too quickly. Follow the status icons of the SIM cards at the top right corner of the home view. As long as an icon has stripes it is not yet available.

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Thanks for your recommendations. They helped a lot!

But, there is definitely an issue here - at least on my phone, which I will try to describe next, and which I did not observe using SFOS

I tried using only one SIM card in slot #1 or #2 and disabling the respective not active slot. The behaviour is the same. Once you disable the slot, the mobile connection is lost, and also waiting a few minutes neither manual searching the mobile connection does not help.

But what helps is to reboot after disabling one of the slots. This way also with two sim cards inserted it works, i.e. disabling one of the slots, then reboot. The mobile connection of the active slot works fine then.

If I enable both slots #1 and #2 no reboot is needed to make the cards work and enable calls.

As a side effect. Being able to disable one of the slots helps to resolve issues with bluetooth connection to my car, allowing to use phone as well as bluetooth audio (A2DP) as I reported here: XA 2 dual sim: Bluetooth Audio / Car not working if second simcard active with SFOS 3.4.x and previous

It seems also that for this case using your regular simcard in slot #2 allows to avoid some issues connecting to a car.

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This bug that always only the second SIM is used for bluetooth car audio is old and reported earlier on TJC.

Re-reading this there is also a comment

but the challenge is, that sometimes while deactivating SIM2 also SIM1 lost the network…

that makes me think your bug is also described therein?

No solution but maybe some help to overcome this with out a reboot:

  • did you try to go to ‘Flight Mode’ for 5-10 seconds and then disable flight mode again after you switched off SIM2
    does this help getting network back?
  • or another trick may be using ‘Sailfish Utilities’ from the Jolla Store (after installation found under Info-Settings-Utilities and then use the first option ‘Restart network subsystem…’

Maybe this helps avoiding tedious reboots for your workaround?

Maybe related?

and three answers below

It seems to be an old issue. But interestingly, with previous EA ( I had no such problem.

I did some tests following your recommendations:

  1. Afer switching off sim slot #2, turning flight mode on and off for a few seconds helps to get mobile connection for sim card #1 again. The car issue should work then as well, but didn’t try it out yet.

  2. Using sailfish utilities and “restart network subsystem …” does not help.


My bad. I had somehow in mind it is also related to network services.
But it seems this is only about connmand.

But good about flight mode helps.