XA 2 dual sim: Bluetooth Audio / Car not working if second simcard active with SFOS 3.4.x and previous

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):,
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2 dual sim (H4113)
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): yes, for EA


I SFOS and previous versions Bluetooth Audio in Car was not working.
After disabling second simcard, bluetooth audio and phone works fine.

With SFOS Bluetooth Audio does not work at all, neither enabling or disabling sim card 1 or 2. As in phone calls are possible only if both slots are enabled, the second card is chosen automatically for phone calls in the car.



  1. Enable bluetooth on car and xa2
  2. Pair devices for audio or phoning
  3. Selct media player on XA2 or phone app


Bluetooth audio should work with media player, phone app
should work for chosen sim card.


With audio and phone call work both if second sim card disabled.
With no bluetooth audio is working, phone calls possible only for both sim card slots being active. Hereby, the second sim card can be used only.


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By disabling it, you just disabled it under Settings->Sim Cards correct?

Yes, correct. It seems also to help if regular simcard is in slot #2. For me, after disabling. I needed to reboot my phone, then pair with car from scratch. Deleting the cache before pairing the device somewhere under /var/lib/bluetooth/ … /cache seems also to help.

When I tried this, I couldn’t get a mobile signal from Slot #2. It recognized the sim card, and when I turned mobile data on, it just circled, but never synced nor was any signal received.

I even disabled Slot #1 , no change.

Is there anything else you did?

@xidira: There are issues with dual SIM usage and with dual SIM phones in a car. However, this is very likely not a regression from to as there were no changes that could have possible caused the problem. The reason for the different behaviour of your XA2 with is probably something else.

It is good that you can still use the phone by keeping both SIM cards enabled.

Thank you for reporting.

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Goodmorning everyone,
I also have the same problem: the first pairing of the day, it works quietly. Before updating to I never had any problems. Or rather: I had to swap the sims (from slot 1 to slot 2), if I wanted to use the one that interested me.