X10 iii 5G network

Hi everyone,

I just flashed a x10iii, with Sailsfish 4.4., the free version.
Now the settings only allow for selection between 4g, 3g and 2g only.

Does anyone know how to activate 5g ?

I wanted to make sure it works (it worked on Android 12), before purchasing the full version…


I’m not aware of any Sailfish phone supporting 5G yet.


Xperia 10 III does support 5G.

5G support is different from VoLTE, which works on 4G just fine. Also from on you can enable VoLTE from mobile settings “4G calling (beta)”.

Not on Sailfish.

Pls see:

Thus on the go, but when it’s another issue.

Hi there,

does anyone know, when 5G will be enabled.
Does this depend on Sony, or on our Sailfish team?


The pull requests that sounds like at least the better part of the implementation in Sailfish were opened recently.
So maybe in the next release, whenever taht is.


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