Sailfish 5g compatiblity

does anyone know how soon before sailfish x will be 5g compatible?

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Sony Xperia 10 III will be the next officially supported Sailfish X device, and that’s a 5G device… but no details about the port/plans have been made available yet.


ok thanks . so right now we can not put sailfish on xperia 10 lll ?

SailfishX for Sony Xperia 10 III has not been released yet. It has been announced to be in development. Release will be probably in 2022.


ok thanks. I’ll just have to try and hold on. my carrier has suspended my service temporaryly because they want me to convert to 5g from now

Clear message to change your carrier! (sorry for off-topic)


What’s the state with 5G now that the Xperia 10 III is supported, even with VoLTE in beta?

I see that I can just choose between 2G/3G/4G network modes in the settings, but nothing about 5G. And 5G worked with my carrier while it still had Android (12) on it.


I assume, it is a similar situation like with the Jolla 1 (JP-1301) when it launched. The hardware was capable of 4G but initially only 2G/3G was supported. 4G was unlocked with a later update.

So I hope 5G on the Xperia 10 III will come with the next SFOS Update. It would be really annoying if we can only use up to 4G.


Have there been any announcements/updates on this ? Otherwise I will raise a Q for the next community meeting

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Jolla just now got volte in beta for a single device. 5G is likely years away