Withings smartwatch

Hi ! I got a Withings smartwatch (Scanwatch).
I installed the android application, and so far everything get well, but when I try to install the device for the setup, nothing happens. Does anyone had the same issue ? Does anyone know how to deal with it ?
Thanks in advance.

Maybe the Bluetooth connection is not working. There is a thread regarding issues with BT connection in Android Apps.

I read it before posting, but I don’t know how to check if the application is trying to access to bluetooth informations or not. I don’t have theses skills…
But if someone give me some commands to execute to check that, I can paste the result to go forward.
(And sorry for my broken language. Not my native language)

Currently there’s no support for Bluetooth devices for Android apps in SFOS, see for example:


And more official:

under “Known Issues - Generic”:

Sailfish can connect Bluetooth Low Energy devices. However, Android apps cannot use peripheral devices via Bluetooth - other than for playback of the sound. Therefore smartwatches, for instance, cannot be controlled from Android apps, unfortunately.

@raketti @nephros Ok. It confirms what I remembered. I couldn’t find the part from the documentation.
Well, I will use an old android phone to setup.

Maybe one of you or anyone else know if there is a community project that try to support the withings smartwatch ?
On my side, I will contact the brand customer support to ask if they could develop a SFOS version (we never know :slight_smile: )

After a first contact with the Withings support, I got a first answer.
I copy paste the reply from the customer service here :

Je suis Hugo du service clients Withings et je vous remercie pour votre prise de contact.
Je vous remercie pour l’intérêt que vous portez à notre marque.
J’ai fait remonter votre demande auprès de notre équipe de développeur afin que votre demande d’une portabilité sur Sailfish IOS soit prise en compte.

It’s a french company, and I’m french, so I translate it here :

I am Hugo from Withings customer service and I thank you for contacting us.
Thank you for your interest in our brand.
I forwarded your request to our developer team so that your request for portability to Sailfish IOS is taken into account.

So, to continue !

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Re kuronoyurei

Sorry to lower expectations:
I got the equal response when Withings was as a part of Nokia.

I also got the equal response (2018) from Samsung when I asked the help for Samsung Galaxy watch …

But let’s hope a progress within near future … It’s excellent to give pressure and feedback until something really happens. :+1::v:

I agree with @jps regarding the fact that, sometimes, I get the same answer but no further action from the company.

But whenever I contact those companies I must be the only one to do so, here we could do it together to motivate the company (it’s not porting for one person but for many). There is also a french company that retails audio equipment in my country that I would love to see a native app for (Devialet).

@kuronoyurei , could you please share with us the email/contact form so we could mail the company ?

No need here to be childish and spam the mail address with fake messages. Just ask for a port ie : “hi withings, I’m interested in purchasing your product but I don’t see any app for SFOS devices, and unfortunately, Android is very limited when it comes to Bluetooth interaction with SFOS. Have you thought about porting the app to SFOS so a larger panel of customeurs can be reached ?”

Feel free to share your thoughts on this kind of approach

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I totally agree with you two. As @jojo said, if we are a medium/large number to show them the same desire to port or develop a native app for SFOS, it could change a lot.

To contact them, I used the contact form from the website, but it is hard to find. But the reply email seems to be accurate : contact-sup[at]withings.com .

I think the jojo’s message is great, but maybe it could be helpful to use Sailfish OS more than SFOS. And why not link the SFOS website ?

hi, welcome to SFOS world :smiley: many years is android compatibility in development, but developers arent willing to do this, even it is one of many important functions. I was solving it for a long time and nothing changed. only audio features via bt are supported in android apps and i think it will never change.as well as working web browser - unimportant thing, so development is not necessary :smiley: if you want watch working with your phone, only two watch have their native apps - pebble and amazfit bip, this is a solution

Yeah, but I already own a smartwatch from the Withings brand, so. I’ll wait.
And I’ll use an old android phone for the data sync while no native app or solution appears. I don’t care about messages notifications, only the sport tracking (what these watches are made for).

I’m also confident that the native client app for asteroidos powered smart watches will see its initial release soon (at least it might happen)

So I did send the message and they replied kinda like the reply you’ve got:

Thank you for reaching out regarding your interest in the ScanWatch. I am sorry to hear that it is not compatible with your mobile using Sailfish OS. I apologize for the inconvenience. My name is *** from Withings Customer Support and I will be assisting you today.

So I asked what they needed to release an app for Sailfish, let’s see what they’ll answer.

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Heh well it would be the first if they release an actual app for SFOS. I think it’s better to ask for protocol specifications than for an app. I know not everyone is a developer, but it needs just one determined person to create an app from these specs. Case in point:Pebble had open protocol specifications from the get-go. @abranson created a fantastic app for Pebble smart watches on SFOS - I still use it daily! Published protocol specifications is beneficial for all operating systems, which lessens the vendor lock-in - which SUCKS as you witnessed first hand.


Well to be honest, I think you’re right, but at the same time, it costs nothing to make them aware of a complete working OS that is not IOS or Android. Company need to know that Android and IOS are not the only solutions, even if these known companies want to. I think this situation could be the same as the situation we were some years ago with internet browsers. For the first time some months ago, I met a person with a Jolla phone. I thought I was the only one in my city. It’s because we are talking about it, about what we like in SFOS, why we choosed this alternative, why we are someway proud to be part of a open-source community, and value different aspect of this ecosystem, that some alternatives can reach new boundaries.

So talking about it to companies is surely a great thing, even if goes nowhere for now.
And for sure asking them for API is also a great thing.
But to be honest, it’ll be probably more difficult than asking them to develop it themselves.
I’m maybe wrong, but Pebble used an open-source protocol from the beginning, right ? It’s not so common unfortunately, and it’s probably not the case of the Withings company.
I’ll be pleased to be wrong, because I’m fully into open-source, Except my watch, I only use open-source hardware/software in the everyday life.

Let’s see what’s happening. More we are to contact them, sooner it could happen :smiley:

So no answers from the technical team but the support told me they were going to reach for them again. So the support is …supporting :grinning: us.

I also own a Withings Scanwatch, it would be really nice if we convinced them somehow to publish protocol specifications! :slight_smile:

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Did you contact them ? We need to contact (harass ?) them to they know we exist :smiley:

As I think someone said before, Withings is now owned by Nokia, the company that developed meego/harmatton on the N9 phone that is the predecessor OS to Sailfish. They then abandoned this OS for Microsoft which took over their phone business. Now Nokia are back in the phone business, albeit through licensing, its all Android - so I very much doubt that they will have any business interest in helping here. You can ask, but you will almost certainly be disappointed.