Bluetooth Support in Android

Is it possible to add full support for bluetooth for android apps (e.g. for connectivity to 3rd party devices, file transfers, etc). I read somewhere that it is currently not supported. If there is some setting/tweak to enable full android bluetooth that I missed, please let me know!

I find the limited bluetooth support the only limitation to the android stack on SFOS. It seems android can only connect to bluetooth music players, which means apps for file/image transfer or other purposes won’t work. As nice as it would be to have all native apps, some 3rd party android apps are useful.



I have the same feature request: Please add SPP (Serial Port Profile) to the bluetooth stack. I’m missing a way to connect to external hardware like OBD-dongles in Android mode.

I asked Jolla support about whether it’s technically possible and planned to add SPP. Although this was a simple question, they did not find it necessary to answer it. Instead they suggested that i create a feature request. Good support works differently…


As a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised when my Sony SBH-20 headset connected to an Android podcast application under and had sound, after I kept hearing how Bluetooth media support was broken in Aliendalvik.
BUT, there’s no way of controlling the app - the media buttons (play/stop, FF/RW) don’t work, neither the ones on the SBH-20 nor an external BT Remote Shutter (that identifies itself as a keyboard).
Testing with native gPodder, the media controls on the SBH-20 also do not work, but the play/stop of the Remote Shutter works; however, the FF/RW don’t work.
It seems that as far as BT media control, it’s something in Sailfish itself and not in Aliendalvik.

Honestly, this would save me so much trouble if it were implemented…

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Any way a user can do this by themselves?

Unfortunately not. I installed Sailfish OS and Bluetooth SPP seems to be still not implemented.

This is really something that should be remedied!

I have several devices (e.g. cameras), that offer extended functionality via an Android app connecting via Bluetooth. And although these apps mostly run great under SFOS 4 (Sailfish X), they cannot connect, so they’re useless to me.
And I guess forcing sailors to buy an Android device because of this situation is not the kind of service, the great folks at Jolla are aiming at, right? :wink:


The best option would be to dual-boot the phone

Or have a LineageOS phone