Withings smartwatch

Why not ? If they was only working for the software used by their phones, why develop for IOS. The main stuff is already there, working on two really different systems, so why not. And Nokia is as you said known for their publications/development on the Opensource community.
I know I’m a dreamer, but why not ? :slight_smile:

Actually, Withings has gone independent again since 2018 according to Wikipedia.

Why not indeed, but why? The business question will always be 'What’s in it for them?"

You’re asking them to do something that they don’t already do (specifically, invest time and money in doing and/or maintaining something) for which they will get no appreciable benefit. The number of people who use Sailfish is miniscule compared to Android/IOS. The number of people who would like to use a Withings smart watch with Sailfish is therefore a miniscule number of a miniscule number, so why would they want to bother?

I used to use Blackberry OS10, which was a great OS. In the early days, and still when it had tens of millions of users, Facebook, Linkedin, and loads of other well known apps were withdrawn from the OS10 platform by their owners because it just didn’t make economic sense for them to bother with Blackberry when just supporting IOS and Android hit something like 97% of the market. Its the same argument.

I’m not saying I like or agree with this approach, because it stifles diversity and any real competition, but I understand it from the business perspective - and that’s what these large corporations are, businesses and not charities.

So please go on dreaming, but don’t expect too much when you wake up :wink:

Since I see the topic is back, I asked the Withings support, they said they would ask/follow up my request, to the dev team.
(Neil from Withings, if you are seeing this, thx for the help)

I asked if the dev team had perhaps an email address I could reach too and Neil told me to open a request on the Feature Request page, the tech team would often check the page out for ideas.

So we could open a request there and have some of the forum users to go support the request