Why do you perfer to use SailfishOS? I was wondering why I came this far to remove Android...multiple times and would like to know what was your motivation

Why do you perfer to use SailfishOS?
    1. Privacy i.e. no default spyware, inbuilt OS system and location trackers, data on the device is yours
    1. Security i.e. trusting the European (Finnish) company behind SailfishOS that is in compliance with GDPR and open source components it has
    1. Different than Android i.e. fed up with the default option
    1. More advanced user interface i.e. gestures that are so natural and you fell bad when goin back to the default option
    1. SailfishOS apps i.e. the ones made by the SFOS communitiy provide more value for you than any Android app could do
    1. SailfishOS with Android support and fully functional microG i.e. everything you need is this
    1. SailfishOS w/o Android support i.e. this is all you need

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Now I see that the poll only works on the website but not at all with the SFOS-Forum app.
In case you use the app, perhaps you could still reply. Thanks!


I’d like to go a bit more in-depth here. Embedded Linux is a shitshow. Big companies make ARM chipsets, throw them on the market and do some Linux modifications in their own repositories which never make it upstream. The Android kernels (yes, plural and an abomination of the linux kernel) are much much worse.

So I prefer at least something that makes me feel I’m doing better, even though it’s not all sunny now.


For me it’s the most hacker friendly os without the need for a jailbreak with a cat and mouse game or rooting a device. By hacking i mean in the original sense. And well there is actually a more hacker friendly os with kupfer or maybe postmarketos, but not everything works there and sailfish os is somehow the middleground where almost everything works and it’s hacker friendly.


Ditto for me. It’s a device I can really do what I wish to do with. As I do with all my computers and microprocessors. and CMOS.

  1. Natural progression as well as inertia. Symbian->Maemo->Sailfish. Why learn something entirely new? :grin:
  2. System commonality. Most apps I use are self developed (banking, home automation, public transport, communication) and most of the code base can run on my server/laptop/phone with only minor changes.
  3. Easier to develop for and to make changes to the OS itself.
  4. Cleaner UI
  5. Privacy and “security by obscurity” as it’s simply less common than Android or iOS and thus less of a target.

I voted, but one option is missing for me; basically what @smatkovi and @poetaster already pointed out:

It’s a fully hackable GNU/Linux system, just like my other devices.

Having tried a few things on de-googled Android phones, there’s a world of difference. I can achieve what I need, in 99% of all cases without having to install an app, and I can troubleshoot & fix problems.

Android (and AOSP just the same) might be Open Source, but the mentality behind it isn’t


Mostly what was said ^^^^.

In another timeline I’d probably be running Meego 4.23 on Nokia N9-3000 Plus MarkVI Mini Hot Pink, but who knows, corporate spooks would probably have ruined Meego in the mean time.


When I chose SFOS, superior UI was at the same level as user controllable OS and privacy. Since 2.x UI lost its original offering, yet what persists for me is distraction free PIM, along with privacy and ability to tinker with the device.


I clung to Blackberry till fall of 2017, when it became extremely difficult to keep using. Privacy, security & not supporting evil companies was a huge factor. Don’t want to fund Google or Apple. Android compatibility was the huge differentiator as well.


Although my sim is currently on a Volla I still prefer Sailfish and I use that at home. I agree with all the reasons you mention and I would add that the design and the interface pleases me most. The pulley menu, the keyboard, the logical and easy to use file system, the local apps made by many enthousiasts in the past are all nice.
But what a shame that Sailfish has to be flashed each couple of years on a new device, now on a Sony with an odd ratio. Not everyone can do that and it doesn’t make the system stable. Sailfish deserves better.


Never make an app for what has a fully functioning web page.

I just never had an Android phone before the N9, and i liked it well enough to just keep going.
Android at the time felt extremely clunky, so switching then was never an option.
Then the privacy aspects developed (or surfaced?), so it was just another reason to keep on trucking. Another aspect of that is the sheer amount of spam you get in your UI. So many useless notifications and dialogs that you never needed - SFOS has none of that.

Then there is the aspect of it being a rel Linux. I can’t claim to lean on that very heavily, but it’s undoubtedly handy that you can actually fix things and build things for yourself to so much of a higher degree than in the walled gardens.

I assume this question stems from the rather off the rails discussion over in Sony Xperia 10 V - First impressions
It is a crying shame that apps, and closed-source ones at that, is the norm. But it is what people need to function in daily life unfortunately. Each person will have different itches to scratch. I do just fine with the 1-2 semi-mandatory apps, and i’d spend serious time and money on doing away with them if presented an opportunity, but until then i’m quite grateful for AppSupport.


I like the Sony with odd ratio and SFOS on it. Very good on reading.


I use sailfish os because I liked meego (I never had it in my hands because it was too expensive for me, it was beautiful) it’s a pity that nokia hasn’t given continuity in the development


I can access a majority of the OS via terminal. I can build apps I want. I choose what to update and when, unlike Android, you disable something, it enables it again behind your back.

With SailfishOS, I can remove or edit the offending app/file and never hear about it again. Freedom in the truer sense of the word compared to the other leading brands.

I bought into Jolla1 from the start and have no regrets. After 10 years, I’ve not physically met anyone else who uses SailfishOS, which is nice. I know SFOS has problems, but I can live with them.

One irritation, not with the OS but the SDK, I’d like to see the SDK getting some REAL love, it’s soooo buggy, at least for me, even with a fresh install.


I mean; yes! Security is lovely, and I trust our benevolent Finnish overlords, but GDPR has got nothing to do with this sense of comfort and trust.

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My first smartphone (had a few nokia feature phones before) was a Nokia N9, but with Windows Phone OS. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
If I remember correctly, I used it for not more then half a year or so, before I found Jolla Phone. Immediately I bought one, and here I am. No regrets.
Sailfish also made me dump Windows on desktop over night, and I’ve never looked back. Of course, I was already familiar with linux, so the transition was pretty painless.


It must have been a lumia then, if it had windows phone

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Yes, of course, I didn’t remember the name, but it is actually the same hardware. Microsoft just shifted firmware (and name) on the first Nokia Windows Phone.

Well, almost exactly. :wink:

My journey is similar. My last phone before the smartphone time was a Nokia Feature Phone. After that jumped directly on Jolla 1. In the same time i left Windows behind on PC and can not imagine to be forced to use it again :wink: In both cases I really feel, as if I am the owner, not the user.