Where is the detailed development document of sailfish OS software

Well, I have always wanted to develop my own sailfish OS Software. However, I didn’t find a detailed, documented tutorial, such as Java from basic to master. I know there’s a documentation on Jolla’s website, but it’s still a challenge for me.
Over the past few years, I’ve only used Java, HTML, CSS, Python. I know that the development of sailfish OS software needs QML, c++ or python. Maybe I can learn these things by myself, but I don’t know how to combine them and apply them to jolla devices.
So, as I said, I’d like to know where I can get a detailed development tutorial. It can be a document or a video, but it is very detailed, such as syntax, components, functions.
Come on, guys.

please check out these:

there’s also this but I don’t know how outdated it is:

Thank you, I know them. But is there any human data for the right ground, from the initial Development grammar to how to develop a complete piece of software?

tbh not sure. Didn’t went that far yet. What you can use from the stack you already know is python and learn qt. This is something that will allow you to make GUI and many things. Once you’ll have something working I think next step is to learn rpm packaging.

Other sources:
https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/wiki-documentation-inventory-of-existing-sfos-documentation/6086 and https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/creating-blog-about-creating-sailfishos-apps/1110

The tutorials here are fairly easy to follow, or?

If you want to try something ‘minimal’ you can do the QML only (with javascript) route working through Your First App | Sailfish OS Documentation supplementing with how to use the QML live tool QML Live Coding With Qt QmlLive | Sailfish OS Documentation

Otherwise, the QT documentation is full of example apps that can mostly be applied directly to SFOS … I was just recently working my way through: https://www.qt.io/product/qt6/qml-book/ch08-canvas-transformation

The demo app with all the controlls and the starter app are ok for a start, but next step is hard.
there is a sample app for python if.you wanna go in that direction, but imho very basic.
i have extended it for a signals and basic comm in my github repo : https://github.com/PawelSpoon/python-sample
rest is justofficial qt qml docu and samples on stackoverflow or ins other apps

Forget this:

qt5 centric.

thanks for ur answer

Thank you. I’ll take a closer look

Thank you, I found some videos on youtue, I think it’s helpful

Thank you, I believe it is very useful for me