Creating blog about creating sailfishos apps

After seeing horrible, horrible and i cannot stress this enough horrible looking apps on sfos i got idea to create blog about creating sailfishos app for example how to create list or how to use pulldown menu. I could also document myself redesigning and fixing already existing apps as in what you shouldn’t do, what you should do instead. I’m checking the demand currently so any encouraging answers are welcome (and if you would be interesting in using it for creating/editing your own app then post that too please).

Thanks and hope i haven’t violated this forum’s rules XD


Sounds like a great idea. I always wanted to hack the QML of Meecast since it does not even pick up one Silica design principle. but time and knowledge are always short


There are some blogs available at:

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@rgrnetalk looks super outdated, from 2015 so meh

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In fact it did and also that one blog doesn’t have much to offer

It would be nice to get that type of feedback of the apps. Maybe the apps are better later when learning more.
I like to publish the app when it hardly sails. At that phase it might look horrible. Hoping to have time and experience to make it less horrible.

that would be super nice, i’m in!

What did i do wrong now? :joy:
No, but seriously… with enough of a constructive spin on the criticism, this would be really good!

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Suggestion for a topic: Sortable lists in Silica QML. Storeman has them done very nicely. And both Podqast and Patchmanager could profit from it.

You might also consider giving a (lightning) talk or workshop at a following remote conference, e.g.

I Couldn’t find single piece of information about it and wiki is in german so i doubt that’s gonna happen

The CCC has various events happening regularly. With Corona they are brought online only under the umbrella name “DiVOC” (translates to “digitally distributed online chaos”). The english startpage of the wiki is Recordings of the first edition are available at, to get a feeling.

P.S.: Typically, contributions are either English or German, and often they are being translated.

Isn’t CCC more about hacking/cracking? (black or whitehat) I mean sure sfos needs more visibility in the scene, but a ‘blog about making sfos apps’ and CCC?

Ye i can’t really see that comming. It doesn’t look like place for sfos or me

Would disagree, as sfos is a great platform to do actual hacking/cracking, getting terminal working on your device is few clicks away and no weird chroot/pseudo envs you need on android (sure even wireless-tools is not packaged, but I’m sure it’s just .configure/make away if not on openrepos by the time I finish this post). There’s a lot of potential in sfos, sadly not advertised, sfos on pinephone should be a treat as open source drivers means getting injection working should be much easier than with closed so no need for external usb sticks (and back to n900 days I guess)

Ye well maybe sfos in general yeah but not really place for topic “how to make apps for sfos”. Who would want to listen about that even

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Do a twitch stream, I’d love to see wip development, coderus had one or two streams like that and then abandoned it, no idea if twitch rules were broken, but the idea is awesome (if you can survive twitch chat that will probably meme you to death on first google search)

I could do that yeah but i’m worried about audience. Well i could do a stream and put it in blog later.

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Please do, I’m pretty sure it’s not doable as all coding is 90% searching so chat will eat you alive (stealing code poggers etc), but I think it’s a stream I’d like to watch

TBH i don’t copy paste code from stack overflow so try me :smiley: IDC about twitch chat

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