[Wiki][Documentation] Inventory of existing SFOS documentation

To follow up with Orangecat’s testimony, on teaching to code apps for SFOS, I would like suggest an inventory/census of existing documentation available out there of some app development.

The goal I picture is to have a ‘wiki like’ database where a new comer can quickly find tutorials in all existing languages.

Let’s take for example the two official links i think everyone knows: (Jolla’s documentation and QT’s documentation):

[EN] [Tutorial - Combining C++ with QML] Creating an animal list app with QML frontend and C++ backend - archive link
[EN] [Tutorial - Creating an application in Python] Creating an app using python for displaying a chosen color - archive link
[EN][SailfishOS Introduction Tutorial] Installing SailfishOS IDE and creating your first app - archive link

The frame is: [language][official title - with hyperlink] your summary/keywords - the internet archive link, if it exists

I would like to suggest to the owners of these blogs to add the linked page to Archive.org, so if the blog would close, the information still exists.
And for the people adding others documentation (like me), to reach out to the blog’s owner asking if they can add their link to archive.org. This could lead to past SFOS users coming back just to check on what’s happening for curiosity .

If the blog/post/article is in an other language, I suggest translating the title and the summary to English and specifying the language in the [language] part:

[FR][Adapting the BEPO keyboard to a Sailfish OS smartphone] Creating and installing a custom keyboard for SFOS - archive link

If you have any recommendation regarding the frame (like adding also the last date of edition of the article or the OS compatibility version) feel free to tell me. That is mostly it, I will try to find past links shared on this forum and the old one to bring them here too.


[EN][ Sailfish Development - Lessons learned] Development of an avalanche bulletin app - archive link

[EN][Sailfish app with QML test] A more in depth hello world app - archive link

[EN][Rust example application for Sailfish OS] Default sailfish example with Rust instead of C++ - no archive

[EN][Qt MOOC | Introduction] Creating an app with Qt and QML - archive link

[EN][Sailfish OS webinars] Youtube webinars on the OS tips and tricks, CalDAV and CardDAV synchronization and the SDK - no archive

[EN][Silica Components for User Interfaces in Sailfish OS] Introduction to Silica components to create a native app - archive link

[EN][developwithsailfishos] Walk through installing the old SDK and building an example app - archive link

[EN][Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development] QML, JavaScript, Qt and C++ walk through to create an app. This is the reason why I’m putting it here - archive link

[EN][A Book about Qt5] Its a whole book on Qt5 programing (these are some keywords: SQL, API, Felgo, Quick, JavaScript, Python) - archive link

[EN][XmlListModel QML Type] For specifying a read-only model using XPath expressions - archive link

[EN][qml-utils]A collection of utilities for QML - archive link


[FR][Sailfish OS on Jolla C] An overview of SFOS in french - archive link


[EN] [Collecting basic logs from a Sailfish device] Collecting all system’s logs script to send them to Jolla (or to keep to yourself) includes Android logs - no archive

[EN][ QMLLive Coding Tutorial from Sailfish] Is the very useful direct method of updating code on your device/target emulator while doing QML/javascript development. - archive link


Video’s in the blog post: international sailfish community event recap, including
Sailfish Icon Reference - Sailfish OS
Example code
Silica cheat sheet:


And theme cheat sheet:

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[RU][FRUCT Posts] Forums posts on SFOS app development (using sensors, working with maps, using .js libraries, Bluetooth, calendar), translation works well to understand the written content - archive link

[RU][Aurora OS Community’s Youtube channel] Walkthrough’s developing basic apps

[EN][Devel mailing list archive] Questions answered by email regarding development issues (and more)

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