Where are the old entries from together.jolla?

Can anybody say me where the old entries from together.jolla.com are?
Do we have to discuss everything from the beginning again?


I think the correct answer at the moment is “on their way”, or “waiting to be transferred”. At least according to the blog post:

Over time we will migrate the content from TJC to the new Sailfish OS forum. The transfer is expected to be concluded during fall this year.

Apparently Jolla failed in transferring TJC legacy contents into the new forum before establishing it. I’m afraid it’s too late now.


Yes, it should have been done before.


Nothing at Jolla HQ goes fast… so it will take months… besides I agree this should’ve been done directly when launching the new forum.

And just another user asking where are the old entries and creating a new clutter (unintentionally)? :frowning:

Yes, it was indeed unintentional. Sorry about that.

I understand from here that I was not the only one not knowing how the old and new forums were supposed to work together. When something new comes the old is normally obsolete.