What to do with old/new bug reports? Usability of TJC

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As the title says: what should we do now?

Of course new bug reports should go to this new forum.

But how should we proceed with old -not yet solved- bug reports on TJC? (e.g.
based on
TJC thread

TJC is already closed (in contrary to the announcement) for opening new or answering questions. One post in 40 days only. Only commenting is possible.

Will we loose all the information there, should we copy over all important info there manually, will Jolla take over (as announced)? If so will it be read-only or will we have then doubled topics?

I am sure there is a plan for the switch over, would you please tell us?
Or is it just like; uh look, I found a ‘new’ forum platform, let us switch … and only then think about the old stuff? :wink:
I agree there is lot of questiins on TJC that we could get rid of.
But there is plenty of helpful stuff and ongoing bug reports and discussion of shortcomings and not yet implemented features!

So please tell us how to proceed…


You can still continue old discussions on TJC, including answering questions.

No information should be lost. We will migrate the old posts from TJC. There is no need to copy information manually.

For the time being, our recommendation is that you answer old questions on TJC, and start all new discussions here, on the new forum. In some cases it might make sense to restart the discussion here, as I believe not many people will follow TJC any more.


Thanks for clarification.

But indeed I call allowing one post/answer/new-topic in 60000 minutes a ‘close-down’.
(okay, new topic I agree :))

see pic when trying to answer:


That shouldn’t block you from commenting/answering, or does it?

Indeed it does block me from ‘answering’, hereby raising the question up.
Commenting is still possible but commenting is not answering.

Or is is the same (and all those ‘please convert to comment’ or ‘convert to answer so we mark it solved’ comments over the last years were nil)?
Or is it just me not getting it?


What about writing a comment and then converting it to an answer?

Are you serious? :smiley:
Tested this and my comment is not convertable.!

But THIS here now reallly blocks me from using TJC:

Yes, I am serious. I thought answering would have been possible. The limit is now dropped to one post per day - I hope that is enough to get the answers to the open questions there, while discouraging people from posting new questions.

Okay, thanks. May suffice.
I agree that there should be no new questions. But does it really matter if there come up a few 10-100 more?

But what about my second screenshot regarding the ‘only one comment per 30 minutes’?
The most annoying is that this red popup just pops up after you have finished your post and the input is gone for good :frowning:

So could you please add such comment about usability into the light yellow header of TJC where you mention the new forum?