When is planned 4.4?

when will be the next release in the air?

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Jolla usually doesn’t give dates for releases. Considering that there are already 4.4.0 branches in some repos, development probably already started. But from what I know, once feature development is done, stabilization can take a very different amount of time. Jolla usually seems to release when the OS passes their validation. This doesn’t have a fixed timeline. Then there will be an EA, usually for few weeks and then the stable release.

In short, it will release when it is ready.


Look at the previous release schedule and you’ll see that a release happens every few months. Much better pace than the usual suspects.

Translations started a month ago, so I’d imagine that if all goes smoothly, there may be an EA release before the holidays. Otherwise it could be released quite early in 2022.

As said, there’s no release dates - it’s ready when it’s ready™. :wink:


An EA release now would mean a final version coming between Christmas and New Year. That seems an obvious breach of the “don’t deploy on Friday” rule.


Ok. So I might leave the boat until is possible to have normally 2 sim cards in the phones.

I have noticed that too. Translations shortly precede releases

Other rules say “soon™”, “it’s done when it’s done”, and “never take a version that is divided by 2”.

Me and my popcorn are looking forward to 4.4 :wink:


I’m just waiting for an announcement from Jolla saying there is no new functionality in 4.4 as they’ve had a concerted effort to fix some of the still outstanding serious and historical bugs, so 4.4 will be a much more stable and reliable implementation of SFOS. :blush:


Oh, cmon.
You still believe in Santa Claus?

But I would really like such update without new buttons, new intermixed way of handling accept/deny, changed browser menu layout…

Just a stable bugfixed version (without you-know-what-I-mean).


I dream about minor ‘annoying/important bug fixes’ releases out of regular cycle…
This would be something beneficial for overall experience


Yep, And the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy - just not in Jolla fixing serious bugs within a reasonable timeframe, for which their track record over very many years has been somewhat less than stellar.

I’m not sure it is better. IOS and Android get a major release annually, but bug fixes for serious issues (especially security patches) often come within a small number of weeks or even days.

With SFOS there are no bug fixes between releases (and Jolla have stated they have no intention to move to such a release strategy), so on their target of one release per quarter, you have to wait at least 3 months for a bug fix for even the most serious show stopping issues (e.g. Android network connection failures) or even years (GPS on XA2, for example).

How is that better?


And here I was thinking 4.3 was the bugfix release :slight_smile:

My most annoying bugs were fixed; the slow starting camera and the wifi woes with Android apps.

4.3 certainly fixed some nasty bugs (e.g. the inability to dismiss popups like data protection dialogs in the web browser) but sadly, for me, the Android connectivity issue still remains - as it does for a number of others who have posted similarly following the release of 4.3. It was improved, and happens less frequently, but still not permanently fixed.



Next year is here! :slight_smile: I know, I know just a bit impatient…


Rumor has it that when someone asks the question they add a week to the release date :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m not sure it is better. IOS and Android get a major release annually, but bug fixes for serious issues (especially security patches) often come within a small number of weeks or even days.

The problem with android however is while google may provide fixes, the phone manufacturers provide few if any.

My LG phone from a few years ago only got 1 android update (outside of a few security fixes). At least Sailfish provides many.

I hope for volte in 4.4, although I know it probably wont happen.

Are you in desperate need of new adventures? Already played through all levels of 4.3?

YES, this is how it looks :eye: :eye: