What to do with your old X device

What do you do with your old device when getting a new one?
Do you throw it away, put it in a drawer or do you sell it?

My Xperia X got a new life with Ubuntu Touch, installed with UBports installer. Ubuntu Touch works surprisingly well on this phone, I’m impressed.

Does VoLTE and/or VoWIFI works in Ubuntu Touch on XperiaX?

Don’t know. I’m still trying to learn the system and do not yet have a sim card installed.

That would be interesting. So what the advantage to install Ubuntu Touch instead SailfishOS but a new toy to play with?

A new toy to play with was exactly what I wanted. I want to find out if it could possibly be an adequate replacement for Sailfish, although I doubt it.

I have old devices running older versions of Sailfish. For testing. Jolla phone with 2.x, Fair2 and a Vollaphone with 3.4.

As/If they pile up, I’ll donate them to someone who needs it. To date, I only have one X, the 10ii. And that’s kind of a test device, too :slight_smile:


so did they finally implement encryption or it’s still dream of the future?

No encryption what I can see.

ok, so it’s still just a useless toy. Thanks.

Do you mean LUKs partitions? On ubuntu touch there are numerous ways to do things like home directory encryption.

And unless it’s using Geli partitions with ZFS as the file system, it’s a toy. Useless, hardly.

well I’d like to have some encryption of my data and password used to access mail using built in mail client and of course mail data. Of course except of that, there’s also need for secure storage for the passwords.

Not much…

The X peeking out there does have Ubuntu Touch on it too.
I was thinking of porting SeaPrint to it just to be nice… but i should probably do a cross-platform UI first and then package that.

While it is good there are options/competition, after trying it a bit, let’s just say i’m happy with my choice in mobile OSes.


Hmm, good question. I use some of my older devices for testing apps but I still have e.g. an Xperia X living in a drawer somewhere that is not used at all.
I would gladly give it away to someone (sent free of charge to anywhere in the world) who would like to experience Sailfish and does not own a device yet but I guess everyone on this forum will probably already own a SFOS phone or they would not have ventured here in the first place :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you guys try porting SFOS to A10 base and try to get Waydroid (LOS 17.1) and encryption on it? AFAIK “only” GPS should be broken along with tethering (for which if you cherry-pick the right commit from 4.14 it can work there too).

Does VoLTE and/or VoWIFI works in Ubuntu Touch on XperiaX?

Not on any device yet with UT aka UBPorts . . .

There’s a thread on their forum keeping track of progress, though.

But why tho?
I’d much rather look forward and contribute to current-gen devices having an even longer life than necromancing the Xperia X.

AFAIU one of the most common complaints on the X is the old Android App Support, otherwise it still seems to be an OK device: it would be environmentally nicer if people could use the phone for longer :‒)

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Yes, but several years ago.
Everyone that cares about Android support and doesn’t like to torture themselves have moved on.
Furthermore, a community port wouldn’t really help unless people sideload… from another phone they presumably own.

Yes, that was the only reason for me to upgrade to X 10lll. My X is still in shape like new and I wouldn’t give a sh*t about Android App Support if it wasn’t for the Swedish establishment forced me tu use their BankID app. And that one is Android/iOS exclusive.
Otherwise, I could have easily used my X for a few more years.


I’ve been thinking a bunch about this, but the sheer amount of python QML refactoring I have before me suggests it’ll take two years just to clean up before I even think about other QML interfaces. Sigh.