Waydroid vs. AlienDalvik & AD history

It’s probably rather a problem that Sony wouldn’t provide newer device drivers…

I seem to recall the X has Android 9 as an available option, so the blobs (?) for later Android versions exist

Because it would take a great deal of effort which Jolla cannot justify.

Waydroid should be an option for the older devices then…

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But it isn’t. It has similar, if not the same, problem with supporting ancient kernels.
(As per previous discussion).


Mh. Then a community port based on a more recent kernel remains the only option. Or spending some money on a more recent device…
I’m quite happy having changed to the Xperia 10ii. It’s not that particular expensive.

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Well, here come postmarketOS. They aim to bring mainline kernel to several devices. Project is currently still developed and not mature enough, but it looks really promise!

And in example, what apps are working/not working in WD?

Not using android app till now:
I barely need them but most, I really can’t figure at what point they can get/send data from my device.

There is PostmarketOS based on Kernel 4.9 available for the Xperia X (Sony Xperia X (sony-suzu) - postmarketOS), so it shouldn’t be too much a deal to run Waydroid on this device as well.
Only thing necessary is swapping the Android/libhybris-backend against PostmarketOS.
Does the SailfishOS frontend run on PostmarketOS or would it be necessary to use e.g. Plasma Mobile then?

Currently, I’m quite sure that Sailfish’s UI has not been ported to postmarketOS.

Oh, that’s some extra work then. Probably will payout once I’d guess,…

Oh, there is an almost finished port for the GeminiPDA: Planet Computers Gemini PDA (planet-geminipda) - postmarketOS
If it’d utilize a newer kernel probably interesting to get waydroid on that device.

isnt waydroid a container, i mean i basically start a second phone, so why should be waydroid limited to android 4.4?

it says lineage 17… android 10 in the settings btw.

As is AppSupport. The underlying OS needs the relevant container support.

Does waydroid support shared clipboard yet? And if not, will it in the future?

While not ideal, kdeconnect/sailfishconnect can be used to share files/clipboard between sailfish and waydroid

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less integration may be true, on the other hand, OsMand Maps work very well in Waydroid and on AlienDalvik they dont. Plus, if you connect waydroid with your nextcloud, that’ll manage quite some integration aspects.

Well, I do not have issues running OSMand~ under AlienDalvik in the last ten years on Jolla 1, Xperia X and XA2.
What does not work for you?

it’s weird, it does not seem to locate position well, and if I want to route, it snaps to a starting point I had used weeks ago, sometimes it does not even start up. (on a XA2) But: Right now as I am trying, it behaves perfectly well. (Last trip I did I was very angry on Osmand, that’s one update ago).
I don’t see Waydroid as challenge to Aliendalvik - it may help using a mainstream Linux Smartphone.

GPS has some issues on XA2.
I guess you know these threads:

I suppose that AD/WD are using the GPS the same way as native apps do under SFOS, hence the same complications may occur.