Very buggy OS on Xperia 10 II

And there’s not even one intern in the office left to at least publish some hot fixes every now and then? That’s a bit odd!

Can the variant number be checked directly from SFOS or do I have to plug the phone into my computer?

If I remember correctly there were just two hot fixes in history of SailfishOS but it was long time ago.

There are only two supported models, from installation instructions: “What you need to begin: Xperia™ 10 II, either a single or dual SIM variant. Models XQ-AU51 and XQ-AU52, respectively”


In Norway workers are entitled to three continuous weeks’ holiday during the main holiday period from 1 June to 30 September.

I do not know about Finland, but it seem it is sort of the same.

It is similar in Spain, where I am from, but that doesn’t mean that all employees in a company suddenly leave, its whole operations coming to a halt. What we do here is that some leave in July, others in August. Maybe that’s what they did at Jolla, but then why wait so long to fix the bugs on the 10 II? We’re over two months in and none of the known issues have been fixed!

Mine’s an XQ-AU52 bought from the official Sony Europe store! Don’t know if others with the same model number are experiencing the same issues or not!


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Well yes, but I don’t really consider them fixed until it actually works on my phone… :sweat_smile:


There is no bugfix for the Xperia 10 ii yet because there is only one (the first) SFOS release for the Xperia 10 ii (and aarch 64). So we are eagerly waiting for SFOS 4.2. Only if those bugs still persist, we might complain that there is no bugfix. Now, we only might complain about why releasing 4.2 takes so long - however, two or three months incl. testing (C-beta etc.) is not that long …

SFOS 4.2 will come soon anyway :wink:


It’s been over a month and nothing yet. Quite disappointed it’s taking this long to fix issues. Again, I’d obviously forgive this on something like UB Touch or other open source projects, but it’s harder to look the other way when I’ve bought a licence for this software (regardless of whether we are or not their target customers, it’s still 50 euros + cost of the phone). Just want to have a phone that I don’t have to restart so often!

I’m fairly sure the issue of slow bug fixes was raised at a recent community meeting with Jolla - specifically why they don’t ever issue any patches in between releases to fix serious bugs. I believe the answer was that they don’t intend to change their current strategy (i.e. no patches, only fixing bugs in new releases) but that they would try to bring out new point releases more frequently.

This being the case I think we just have to accept that bugs, even serious ones, may be outstanding for some months before they are fixed - and in some cases not even then. As we all know there are numerous bugs that were reported years ago back on the old TJC forum that still remain unfixed to this day (@peterleinchen being the knowledgeable expert on these I think).

Often the community here can advise on ‘keep you going’ workarounds and some of the more expert devs here have been very successful at this, but I agree it is disappointing that proper fixes for really serious issues aren’t forthcoming more quickly.

I still have to restart my XA2 on 4.1 at least two or three times a day to keep my email synchronising and to get mobile connectivity back for Android apps, and that’s been going on since I put Sailfish on it in 2019 :pensive:


I can not agree with buggy Xperia 10 II, at least with Sailfish OS X. I just installed and been using it for just a single day. Even banking apps does seem to work, slack and Signal. Now only one major problem is lack of BT support with Suunto App. That is actually a quite a bugger and not sure I could sync training from Suunto S9. Well of course Xs could be used as “sync tool”, but that sounds a bit stupid.

In the beginning I did need to re-flash twice Every time I did add some marketplaces I did start to have major networking problems. I did install only Jolla store and Aptoide. I do not know if that Aptoide is really the place to get apps, but there seems to be a lot of Apps that I do need. I’m just not so sure how secure apps installed from here might be.

I do really hope that BT is going to get fixed for Android.

This I can confirm and it is annoying.
In addition, I now also have the problem that mobile data connection is temporary lost (Xperia 10 ii, SFOS 4.1)

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@stuba81 I appreciate your personal opinion but without BT the phone is useless for me, because I need it when driving. Not to mention phone shutting randomly down or need a restart - which is reported by others. So I was just asking for Jolla to stop changing things and focus on fixing bugs, so that system becomes more stable. There is no point of yet another buggy release.
Partially I understand their motivation, but it is not acceptable. You either can do something well or you can not. I still remember how they were forced to fix all bugs on the N9 and they did it … so they really can if they want to. This is why I repeat this behavour is not acceptable at professional level.

I did not down your opinion, I just told I have not had any real issues with this phone. For me xperia 10 II has worked rather well and currently it seems that it might replace my iPhone x as daily driver. Now with my car I can call and play music, that is just enough for me. Neither I ever have had need to restart this phone. “Only” Android App support has required restart few times, after 4.2. not too often at all. I do not commute with my phone a lot so I do not get into situation where that seems to happen more often, jumping between wifi and 3G.

You might have major problem with your setup, but calling xperia 10 II very buggy in general and blaming Jolla is not fixing problems is just false. After 4.2. release whole system feels much better with fever bugs.

I do hope Jolla could provide minor/patch updates more often so just bugs could get updated faster. Unfortunately I can understand that this could take a bit too much resources when trying to keep multiple release branches up to date and slow down development in total.

Just to remind that my use case is most likely completely different than yours and should not be compared. I just wanted to point out forum readers that this system really is not that buggy for everybody.


Can you try disable and enable BT several times and report if it works (includes testing after each)

I also

  1. did not say you down my opinion - I said your private opinion is good for you
  2. I am not an idiot having issues with 4.1 - it is buggy and it is a fact - not my fiction
  3. My problem is that Jolla is degrading the quality of the OS since 3.4 - which is also a fact
  4. I am not blaming Jolla - it is a fact that they do not fix annoying bugs

Please, understand that even if you are OK with your use cases, other people are not, so arguing against does not help much neither it changes the fact of our experience.
So what is true? Is it buggy or not?
Yes - it is buggy even if you do not experience the bugs. And the bugs are well documented, so you do not have arguments against. This is what I wanted to point out - your statement here is just waste of time. Sorry for that.

FYI I am using Sailfish on 3 devices since 2016.

Hi, when you say "Well of course Xs could be used as “sync tool”, do you mean a Xperia X would work with the Suunto 9?

After the Update to there is stil a very bad connectivity! The phone stil connects very slow to the celular network. The behavior is different now. It seems to be fixed on one side but broken on the other side. So practicaly no improvement. Now there is a difference between android apps and Sailfish apps. it is harder to get the android apps connected to the celular network, while Sailfish Apps work fine. So there is stil a lot of work to do for Jolla! Please people, eliminate this annoying situation. The phone is unusable!!!

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For the bluetooth part disable/enable works now, but 10 II still can not connect to the PC or CarKit, while X can. The phone is still unusable!!!