SFOS shortcomings & workarounds for Xperia 10 II


The hardware description and SFOS version are listed here below.

  • Xperia X10 II dual SIM, model XQ-AU52
  • Sailfish OS Jolla- qau52-
  • AOSP Android 10.0 kernel 4.14 seine
  • Jolla license

Default installation procedure has been followed.


The GPS should be kept always on because its cold start takes minutes to fix the satellites despite the native MLS packages and several GSM/Wifi position backend services has been installed and running.


Configure the A-GPS as described here:


Sometimes when after a reboot or after an airplane mode one of the two SIM or both, but usually one, has problem in finding the network and into the native Setting → Mobile network, the related Network field remain in searching. In this case degrade the network mode to 2G only. After the network will be found, switch to prefer 3G and then after the network will be found again, switch to prefer 4G. This seems a slower approach but in fact, it works around the problem⁰


The Settings:System → Info:Utilities → Restart Network Subsystem is the key-workaround and probably it would be better to have an option for each SIM to do it automatically when the airplane mode is switched off.


Choose the 4G protocol but restrict your SIM and modem to operate over IPv4 and ignore the IPv6:

After that Select network automatically should work.


Sometimes switching on/off/on from 4G and Wifi or viceversa, the Android apps cannot see the internet connection. In such a case, switch to airplan mode and then back to restore the full connectivity.


The Settings:System → Info:Utilities → Restart Network Subsystem is the key-workaround


The phone calls with wired headphones have the audio volume too high even when it is at the minimum.


Using a good bluetooth buds pair will solve the problem and free yourself from the wire.


⁰ this strategy could be implemented in SFOS automatically as default strategy to avoid the issue.

¹ GitHub - mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid: multimedia-pulseaudio-modules-droid

² Understanding audio routing and volume control on SFOS

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After some tests that produced a great variaty of results, this is the best conclusion that I found.


The Restart Network Subsystem is the key-workaround and probably it would be better to have an option for each SIM to do it automatically when the airplane mode is switched off.

This approch is working also for the issues derived from switching 4G with WiFi connections or viceversa.

The “airplane mode” workaround can lead to more problems rather than the one is pretending to solve. Thus restarting the SFOS networking subsystem should be added in some place from which users can access quickly and easily. Because in this specific case a netwrok reset added as automatic default in switching seems a counter productive idea that slowdown a frequent and common operation.


GPS problems have two different sources:

  • GPS signal very bad - #45 by robang74 - it is possible that your smartphone arrived with Android 12 pre-installed and yous *“should”" downgrade to Androd 11 before installing SFOS. The instructions are in the reply reported here. In this case, it would not work at all.

  • Installing microG on Sailfish OS - #13 by lkraav - the bad signal and long time to fix satellites is related to the MicroG version like explained in this reply reported here. It is a 2 weeks ago fix and that version is still in preview state. Those install from MicroG website download page are suggested toward the stable one, instead. Fortunately but erroneusly, F-Droid market consider the preview as a stable version and proposes the upgrade.


I have entitled as “almost a solution” the previous section because it is pretty clear using GPSinfo that fixing satellite in a house is still a problem. I am living in an appartment under a plain roof above many others building and no any one of my previous Android smartphones nor this one with Android 12 shows this issue.

You might argue that the GPS is useless in an apartment because we just know where we are. Unfortunately, some apps like ToGoodToGo require a precise geolocalisation in order to give the available PoS/offers within walking range. Using the GSM triangulation by MPL services the accuracy is 9000m (9km). In this specific case, it is fine because adding an address will fix the problem. In some others cases can be quite annoying.

Moreover, it is supposed that the smartphone hardware can work as well with SFOS as much with Android or even better. Otherwise, the competition will be impaired as much as the performances are not going to meet the users expectations. By the way the Xperia 10 III seems not be affected by this issue:


Bring the smartphone near the glass from which a portion of the sky is visible and it will fix some satellites. In my case: 3 of 34, giving a position with an accuracy of 30-40m.

Warning: keep close the windows to avoid the risk of let your smartphone flying away! :blush: