Very buggy OS on Xperia 10 II

My Jolla 1 had a best uptime of 4 months and 5 days. The only reason for reboot was an SFOS update. Average time between reboots are 2 months. Never experienced any calling issues, never needed to restart Homescreen, very rarely needed to restart Network. Everything just works. Honestly, I’m too afraid to “upgrade” to a new device…


Yes I got Intex AquaFish, which my wife is using - also just few issues.
My Xperia X - the daily driver is frozen at

My conclusion is that since Harmattan quality degraded with each release.

I think that the average uptime on my XA2 with 4.1 is probably about 4 hours and 5 minutes :laughing: :wink: OK, that may be exagerating a little, but I do, on average need to re-boot the device around twice a day :disappointed:

Well I also bought the Xperia 10II after finaly being satisfied with the functionality of the XA2 after a long time. Now it seems it was to early for a daily driver device to replace the XA2. I have following issues and that is not related to my device, but to most Xperias 10II as far as I have read it here on the forum.

  • Fingerprint sensor loses functionality after some time (only restarts help)

  • loosing general connectivity after a call. (for a minute or so)

  • in general very bad and slow connectivity. Often the 4G symbol ist on and it shows, that everything is ok, but you stil don’t have internet access. So only flightmode and manual activation of the mobile network (looong wait) gets the connection back online.

  • random freeze of the display, where no gestures are working (only forced restart helps)

  • Phonecalls get lost randomly (restart helps sometimes)

  • Bluetooth pairing in my car is not working (also Sending Files over bluetooth does not work)

Connectivity issues in genral was already mentioned by Jolla, that its beeing worked on, but in my opinnion the 10II was released too early! Please Jolla make the phone usable with the next update!

nope, that I would’t say.

Well, as someone who does not experience any of these issues
(to be fair, I don’t use fingerprint at all) I’m actually glad they did not postpone the 10II release.


I still don’t understand why they don’t release bug fixes every other week, rather than waiting months for the new release. Is there a good reason I ignore for this?
The 10 II failed me again yesterday in an important situation, one of the many times this has happened, so now I know that I can definitely not trust this phone. I will keep with it because it is actually making me use my phone less, but I don’t get why there’s been radio silence from Jolla since June!

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How did it fail? Like the Xperia 10 ii of @unmaintained , mine is pretty reliable and I consider it the best SFOS device so far, which impresses me since SFOS 4.1 is only the first release for the Xperia 10 ii. I fully understand that you and others are frustrated in view of the experiences you had - but I wonder how two more or less identical devices can show such differences in reliability. In order to tackle the problems,we need to understand what causes the problems.

@jameson and @Steve_Everett already addressed this but it is not just low expectations that make me happy with the Xperia 10 ii - I simply don’t have the problems you are reportig on.

My only complaint is that the OOM killer appears to be to agressive in particlar as far as Android apps are concerned.

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Well, there are multiple variants of the Xperia 10ii, presumably for different markets and maybe with slightly different hardware specs, specifically:


I don’t know which support Sailfish and which don’t, but a good place to start (if nobody has looked already) is whether particular issues being suffered by users may be common to one variant but not another. That could (might) explain why some Sailfish users have an absolutely dreadful time with the 10ii and others don’t - seemingly the same phone, but in reality maybe different.

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Yes, I don’t understand this either. Its often much better to release individual fixes when they are available as you can see any adverse impact immediately due to that fix and can correct. Releasing fixes en-mass in one release and you’re never sure which change caused any adverse reaction. Everybody else seems to use the hot fix strategy …

The fact that all the 10ii phones seem to work reliably and without these problems with Android installed is also of note because it means that there is nothing actually wrong with the hardware - it has to be the software, specifically Sailfish and/or how it interfaces with the hardware adaptation layer for each different 10ii model variant perhaps?

It would be easier for Jolla to fix the bugs if we all had the same bugs - but frankly, I do not want to have the bugs you are experiencing :wink:


Very good point! So let me start:
I am using a XQ-AU52 that apparently is less affected by bugs …

This may well be a Finnish cultural thing or tradition, but does it make good business sense in today’s world where markets and customers are international and work pretty much 24 x 7?

I can imagine that if I was Rostelcom or whatever, and I had a business critical problem with a supplier’s IT product or service and asked for help in resolving this, they just turned around and said “Sorry mate, we’re all on holiday - we’ll look at your problem in a month or so” I know where I’d be taking my custom - somewhere else!

And there’s not even one intern in the office left to at least publish some hot fixes every now and then? That’s a bit odd!

Can the variant number be checked directly from SFOS or do I have to plug the phone into my computer?

If I remember correctly there were just two hot fixes in history of SailfishOS but it was long time ago.

There are only two supported models, from installation instructions: “What you need to begin: Xperia™ 10 II, either a single or dual SIM variant. Models XQ-AU51 and XQ-AU52, respectively”


In Norway workers are entitled to three continuous weeks’ holiday during the main holiday period from 1 June to 30 September.

I do not know about Finland, but it seem it is sort of the same.